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The Revolution was here?!
|image = [[File:5955851932 6b8746bc43 z.jpg|250px]]
|name = Fight King's arena
|ruler = [[Fight King]]
|location = [[Land of Ooo]]
|notable inhabitants = [[Gladiator Ghost|Gladiator Ghosts]] (formerly)}}
'''Fight King's arena''' is a colosseum that is the main setting of the episode "[[Morituri Te Salutamus]]." The arena appears to be an ancient colosseum imbued with some of the power of the [[Fight King]] because it is guarded by a "moonlight barrier" and seals its entrances after [[Finn]] and [[Jake]] walk in. It has a large underground chamber where the remnants of gladiators rest. After Finn breaks the [[Fight King's sword]] and destroys him, the [[Gladiator Ghost]]s leave, and the arena magically falls to pieces and floats away. The arena's story and appearance are reminiscent of a {{w|Colosseum|Roman Colosseum}}.
==Former inhabitants==
*[[Fight King]]
*[[Gladiator Ghosts]]
5955290175 a86e11da8c z.jpg|The inside of the arena
under.jpg|The gladiator graveyard under the arena
other under.jpg
[[es:Arena de Peleas del Rey Peleador]]

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The Revolution was here?!

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