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Fight-o-sphere is a new Adventure Time game released on, developed by Yamago. The objective of the game is to find Jake's camera phone in the Nightosphere while collecting as many coins as you can before the Demons get them. 


There are three levels, where the 2nd and 3rd must be unlocked by coins from the first level, or the second level, if unlocked.

There are three different types of demons in the game:

  • Small demon: The small demon is an oval-shaped demon that attacks solely by touching the player. They only move when the player approaches.They often attack as groups.
  • Treasure chest demon: The treasure chest demon resembles a goblin with pinkish skin.It can be easily defeated,after which it will drop the treasure chest it carries,which is worth ten coins.It doesn't damage you.
  • Spear demon: The spear demon is a humanoid demon that attacks by throwing bone spears.They can also do damage to the player's health if the player touches it.


Cartoon Network has a badge system for most of its games. The following are badges from Fightosphere.

  • Big Money - Collect 100 coins.(100 Points)
  • Hang Time! -Glide for 10 seconds.(150 Points,Mystery Badge)
  • Slam Bam - Crush 10 enemies with Jake's Butt.(100 Points)
  • Demon Slayer - Slash 50 enemies with Finn's sword.(150 Points)
  • Double Down - Crush two enemies at once.(150 Points)
  • Gold Rush - Collect all 900 coins.(200 Points)