The Female Banana Guard appears in "We Fixed a Truck." Banana Man calls her "beautiful," so Jake introduces him to her. She later arrests Banana Man for public indecency after Finn takes off Banana Man's peel. In "The Thin Yellow Line" there are multiple female Banana Guards shown.


She appears as a normal Banana Guard, but with a gray studded helmet with the top shaped like a turkey leg. She also has a slightly different spear and has lumps resembling breasts in her chest area. She seems to be slightly shorter than the regular Banana Guards and seems to be a little more competent, as she promptly arrests Banana Man for public indecency. She has a short bronze stick with two Infinity symbols and a Gem on top.


You're coming with me... 'cause you ain't got enough peel on that nanner! You're under arrest for public indecency!

—"We Fixed a Truck"


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