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The Fat Villagers appear in the episode "The Monster." They seek aid from Finn and Jake because the crops of their village are being eaten by some sort of monster. It turns out the "monster" is actually Lumpy Space Princess. They later appear in "Adventure Time Mini-Series: "Stakes" episode "Marceline The Vampire Queen" when accusing Marceline of biting their cattle.


They are humanoid people who have round heads and chubby physiques. Their skin varies in color from green to blue. The adults are about half the size of Jake and the children can be as small as Finn's eye.


  • The Fat Villagers have torn clothing, possibly because they ate parts of their own clothes so they would not starve to death after Lumpy Space Princess ate their crops.
  • Although they are called "Fat Villagers," they got really angry and violent when Lumpy Space Princess called them "fat." This is probably also due to her timing; she calls them "fat" while apologizing about stealing their food.
  • Sandwich Paul, one of the Fat Villagers, teaches Aikido, a modern Japanese self-defense martial art.


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