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Yes... While a mortal world doubts and questions, I know exactly what I am. I am the Ceaseless Wheel. The Last Scholar of GOLB. I am your doom.


The Farmworld Lich, later known as the Lich Hand, is a version of The Lich that was created in a universe that came into existence after Finn wished to live in a world where the Lich never existed. After Farmworld Finn took Farmworld Simon Petrikov's crown, the bomb that created the Lich was released. After Farmworld Jake came into contact with the ooze created by the bomb, he became the Farmworld Lich, apparently having consciousness of the Ooo version of the Lich, continuing his crusade to eliminate all life in multiverse.

After his hand was chopped off by Finn in the episode "Crossover", it fell into a portal that connected to every reality. A living-hand version of the Farmworld Lich existed in all realities from then on.

Throughout the Series[]

In the episode "Jake the Dog", Farmworld Finn accidentally sets off the bomb that created the Lich. After Farmworld Jake came into contact with the fluid created by the bomb, he became the Farmworld's version of the Lich.

In "Crossover", Farmworld Finn (under the influence of the Ice Crown) and the Lich-possessed Farmworld Jake were using their world's Enchiridion to create a portal to the Multiverse. Prismo, concerned on the matter sent Finn and Jake to the Farmworld to stop/cure them. Farmworld Finn and the Jake-Lich went on to successfully open the portal. Finn's grass arm then attacked the Lich and chopped off his hand. Jake pushed the hand right next to the portal, where it duplicated and disappeared into every dimension, including the timeline of Finn and Jake.

In "Whispers", Sweet P ran away from home because of his nightmares and found Finn and Fern. The group could not leave the area that night and slept there. Finn woke up only to the Lich-possessed hand of Farmworld Jake. It is revealed the Lich of the Farmworld timeline has the same consciousness of the Lich of the standard timeline, having memories of the times he faced Finn and being aware of Sweet P's origins. The Lich hand referred to Sweet P as his son then left to go to his well of power. At the same time Sweet P said the same words, Finn followed the Lich to the well, only to fall into the pit hanging by one hand. The Lich then said that Sweet P is part of him and will eventually be swayed to come to his side. Sweet P then arrived, excited by the Lich, declaring them "twin kings of ruin." Sweet P, however, declared he is no king of ruin and slayed the Lich hand with a sword.

In "Together Again", it is revealed that the one who was truly in control of the Dead Worlds was not New Death, but the Lich, who manipulated him and then possessed him. Being in the form of the hand that appears in "Whispers", it is unknown if that was the same hand or a new one that could appear in the Land of the Dead because of the events in Farmworld. By the influence of the Lich, New Death starts destroying dead worlds, which means that souls couldn't reincarnate into new beings, so new life would never be born. Thanks to the item called the Kiss of Life, given by Life herself, Mr. Fox managed to kill New Death and once more stop the Lich. After that, he tries to manipulate Mr. Fox who became Mr. Death to place himself as his right hand, but he is quickly crushed by Jake and thrown away into the darkness. The Lich was the last opponent of Finn and Jake, before they reincarnated into new beings.


Original Appearance[]

Physically, the Farmworld Lich differs from the standard Lich, mostly in that it does not have a broken horn.

The Lich's original body appears to be that of a muscular humanoid made out of the body of Jake the Dog. His arms, while covered in the same stretchy flesh as the rest of his body, are more skeletal in nature, with the flesh conforming to the outline of his bones. He also possesses giant hands with sharp claws.

As the Lich Hand[]

The Lich Hand appears as the severed hand of the muscular body which the Farmworld Lich originally possessed. In contrast to its appearance when attached to his former body, this hand possesses sharp nails that are colored differently than its skin.


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In this form, the Lich obtained the abilities that the main-series Jake the Dog possesses, being able to stretch his body. This, however, appears to be somewhat limited, as has only demonstrated the ability to stretch the dog-part of his body. This ability is shown being used when he transforms into the body of a normal four-legged dog and when he grows six arms.

Other than the mutant abilities that he possesses thanks to his possession of Farmworld Jake, he appears to have several of the abilities that the original Lich did. This is seen in his usage of his mind control abilities on others, as well as when he expelled the same gas that the original Lich used to kill Prismo in his human form.

This Lich is also able to maintain consciousness without vital organs or a brain, as seen when he was able to exist as a severed hand in his appearances in Whisper and Together Again. In this form, he has the ability to possess others if they use him in place of their original hand. This form of the Lich as the ability to manifest itself to appear as its worlds intended physical form of the Lich in shadow form.


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Farmworld Jake[]

Farm World Jake

Farmworld Jake

Shortly after Farmworld Jake comes in contact with the pool of green goo created by the Mushroom Bomb, he began to mutate into a Lich/Dog hybrid. This hybrid took over the mind and body of the Farmworld version of Jake the Dog. In this body, the Lich possessed the original Jake's body-stretching ability. Although the Lich would go on to live in the body of a hand that he created using the mutant abilities in his dog body, he would ultimately be erased from Farmworld Jake's body after the events that took place in the episode "Crossover".

New Death[]

New Death

New Death

In "Together Again," when Finn and Jake confront New Death and put a paper talisman on his forehead, they learn that New Death was actually a pawn, and was being manipulated (and later possessed) by the Lich. Finn pulled off New Death's right glove and saw the Farmworld Lich's hand attached to New Death as the many forms he assumed (all apart from Sweet P) he took on throughout the show are shown. It's unknown if this is the same hand that was haunting Sweet P in "Whispers" or if it was another version of the hand. Mr. Fox used the Kiss of Life against New Death, who was destroyed, which caused Mr. Fox to become the new death. The Lich tried to manipulate Mr. Fox into accepting him as his right hand in order to carry out his goal to end all life, but Jake smashed The Lich hand with his foot and threw him out of the room into what appeared to be space. This did not destroy him, however.

Episode Appearances[]

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  • Because of the events that occurred in the episode "Crossover", the hand version of the Farmworld Lich was spread throughout the multiverse.
    • It was never revealed if the Lich Hand that appeared in "Together Again" was the same one that was killed in "Whispers" or one of the others created during the events of "Crossover".
    • It is unknown what happened to rest of the Lich Hands that were scattered across the multiverse.
    • Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake shows that alternate realities have variants of the Lich, though whether any of them are in any way related to the Lich Hands is unknown.
  • When the hand version of the Farmworld Lich spoke, he created a mouth and eye out of his fingers.
  • After being stabbed by Sweet P with a sword, the Farmworld Lich turned into the green ghostly spirits that made up the explosion that created him.


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