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Farmworld Jake is the pet of Farmworld Finn and is incapable of talking and stretching like the original Jake, behaving as a normal dog would. In "Jake the Dog," he is ultimately doused in the liquid from the mushroom bomb, causing him to transform into the Lich. He was thought to have ceased to exist after real Jake used his wish to rescue Farmworld Finn from the Lich. It is unknown how he can exist in the Farmworld timeline due to the fact Jake is half-Shape-shifter in the primary timeline.


His limbs are more dog-like than Jake's, and he has two dot eyes, instead of Jake's big cartoon-style eyes with white circles inside. However, he still exhibits the jowls and orange-yellow fur color from Ooo Jake.

Jake the Lich

After Jake is in the blast of the Mushroom Bomb, he transforms into that world's version of the Lich and undergoes physical and psychological change like Finn does when he puts on the crown. His eyes turn green and he's unable to recognize Finn and even attempts to attack him. His head also transforms into a skeletal, dog-like version of the original Lich's. It is because of his existence that Prismo sent normal timeline Finn and Jake to stop Farmworld Finn from putting all the gems in its world's Enchiridion and make it a possibility to destroy their and other universes. Finn and Jake later cured Farmworld Finn and Jake from being a wizard and Lich and reunited them with their family.


  • When Farmworld Jake is possessed by the Lich, he seems to have gained the ability to stretch like Regular Jake does.
  • He also had the same death magic abilities and mind-control of the main timeline's Lich.

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