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This article is about Farmworld Finn. You may be looking for the Finn of the primary timeline.

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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

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Finn Mertens, also known as Farmworld Finn, and briefly known as Ice Finn, is an alternate version of Finn from the Farmworld timeline who makes his first appearance in Finn's dream in "King Worm". He makes his first major appearance in "Finn the Human".


His appearance varies considerably from that of the Finn from the Land of Ooo. He has a mechanical arm fixed with tape, wears a brown sash-like garment (green in "King Worm") which appears to button his pants. He has long sleeves, long pants tattered at the ankles, has a backpack identical to normal Finn's but it is sometimes seen as dark green and one solid color. He also has quite a pronounced nose as well as much larger and pointier, slightly more detailed eyes (the eyes and nose also make a slight resemblance to the Earl of Lemongrab or BMO during the dream sequence of "BMO Noire") and bare feet. His voice is identical to regular Finn, save that Farmworld Finn exhibits a slight "country accent" and a significant lack of the vibrant verbal enthusiasm exhibited by regular Finn, he also is a complete silly billy.

Based on his regular model sheet, he seems to have a stockier build than Finn, or is at least less fit.

After having been exposed to the Ice Crown, his voice has a more "insane" enthusiasm to it due to the madness and sadness effect of the crown and its magic. As seen in "Crossover", he has somehow gained a cape after the events of "Jake the Dog". His facial features have changed as well, as his skin has turned blue, his nose is longer, his teeth are more pointy, and his hair has become longer as well as white. Overall his appearance is starting to match that of Ice King and Urgence Evergreen (or at least Gunther's view of him), which is a side effect of the crown.

After having been cured from the Ice Crown's madness with Prismo's help at the request of the original Finn, Farmworld Finn returned to normal and had a family years later. In "Destiny", Farmworld Finn's appearance seems more rugged like Finn's adult appearance, however unlike his original counterpart, he's more broody. He also has five kids, two of which are named Jay and Bonnie. Ironically, their names are the same ones Finn gave to his pillow children in the episode "Puhoy". He was stabbed in the head by the Scarab after saving his son Jay and Big Destiny's daughter, Little Destiny from the rest of the Destiny Gang.

Finn the Ice Prince[]

When he is possessed by the crown, he undergoes physical and psychological changes similar to those of Simon Petrikov: his eyes turn completely blue (he also gets bags under them) then turns normal for a while when he hears his baby brother cry (which means he is fighting the crown's power and temporarily reclaims his sanity to protect his family, similar to what Simon does with Marceline). His blonde hair appears long and wild (which allows him to fly). He also begins to go insane, only his insanity is quicker, since he allows the crown to take him over, in order to combat first the Destiny Gang, and then the bomb (Simon was an unwilling victim of the crown's power, while Finn deliberately wore it to gain the power of ice). His insanity is evidenced by the deranged monologues he gives about "ice and whispering snow" and about being "the hand of madness," as well as his megalomania and desire to freeze the world. He becomes very protective of the crown when he wears it, urging Jake to "back off [his] crown!" After realizing what has happened to him, he sadly tells his family to go far away on Bartram. It is evident that he doesn't know about the whispers telling him to freeze the world being only to him, as he asks," can't you hear the voices?" to the Destiny gang after he has frozen them.

In "Crossover", Prismo sent normal timeline Finn and Jake to stop Farmworld Finn from getting all the gems into his timeline's Enchiridion and doing damage to other universes, possibly including theirs. Thanks to his counterpart, Farmworld Finn was later turned back into a Human, Farmworld Jake was turned back from a Lich into a dog, and they were both reunited with Finn's family.

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  • The fate of Farmworld Finn and Farmworld Jake is ironic as, by the climax, the both of them have become foes to one another and have even become the original Finn and Jake's primary enemies: the Ice King and the Lich.
  • Almost every time Farmworld Finn appears in an episode, The Lich and the original Finn also make an appearance in some capacity as well. The only exception is in "Destiny".
    • The same thing happens with Billy since almost every time Billy appears, The Lich makes an appearance in some capacity as well. The only exception in Billy's case is in "The Star".
  • Farmworld Finn is seen playing a flute that regular Finn had played in the episode "Prisoners of Love". Finn tried to throw it at the Ice King, but he had broken it when picking the lock to the sad ogre's heart.
  • Farmworld Finn looks similar to the Mirror Finn in the episode "King Worm". However, Mirror Finn has a strap that matches his bag while Farmworld Finn has a brown strap.
  • It's unknown exactly how old Farmworld Finn is, but if he's around Finn's (regular timeline) age, he's presumably 12, 13, or 14 years old.
  • Farmworld Finn's mechanical arm appears to be old, as it creaks when it is moved.
  • Just as the Ice King uses his beard to fly, Finn uses his long hair to fly with the crown on.
  • Both alternate universe Finns have robotic limbs. Pillow World Finn has one just like Farmworld Finn's.
    • Finn's female past life, Shoko, also has a robotic arm.
  • In the Adventure Time Comic Issue 18 and Issue 19, Finn goes into an illusion area featuring Farmworld, created by the Lich, where both he and Jake appear as the Farmworld counterparts. Though he doesn't know anything about it and is surprised when Jake (just part of the illusion, not actual Jake) cannot speak.
  • Although Finn can control his insanity, he is able to do so without taking the crown off, in opposition to Simon Petrikov.
  • In the episode "Dentist", the Finn Sword refers to Finn as "Finn Mertens" which is Farmworld Finn's full name.
  • Farmworld Finn made a brief appearance in Together Again during a flashback of all of Finn and Jake's dealings with The Lich.
  • He is the first version of Finn to meet Fionna.


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