Farming Village is a small settlement inhabited by an unknown species of Villagers as seen in the episode "The Visitor." The settlement is eventually ruled by Martin, who poses as a "tree spirit," after he crash-lands near their corn field. By the end of the episode, the village is in disarray and its resources are depleted, rendering it unsustainable for future use by its inhabitants.

In the end of "The Visitor" Finn brings the village's inhabitants back with him. They lived a secretive and quiet life near the Tree Fort, with some of them coming out dejected and saddened when GOLB's monster topple the Tree down, witnessing BMO's attempt to calm down a distraught Jake.

As the Tree Fort was replaced by Fern's Tree, is unknown where the Farming Village relocated again.


The village partook in farming corn which is the food supply for the Villagers. They grew corn and had a miniature water tank for water supply. Due to the events in "The Visitor," the villagers depleted their source and their farmland have been destroyed.


The Villagers seemed to have built houses that resemble teepee huts used by Native Americans in the Great Plains. However, after the events in "The Visitor," many of the huts have scattered and knocked down, effectively destroying the village.


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