The Farmer's Market is a location in Adventure Time that is seen in the episode "Blade of Grass." The market is inhabited by the Grass People. Choose Goose's stall was first stall in the market, and then more and more stalls appeared as seen in "Blade of Grass. The stall keepers in the market partake in selling and trading items. The stalll keepers are friendly and have many different types of stalls such as candle, clothing, bread, pillow stores and many more.

In the episode "Blade of Grass" Finn goes to buy a new sword in one of the stalls where he purchases a grass sword from a grass stall. That stall isn't in the village anymore.

The Market reappears in the episode "The Diary," where Jake and T.V go to get information about a box they found.


The entire Market appears to random wooden stalls on a grass field in the "Grass Lands". The stalls sell various items such as candle, clothing, bread, pillow. The market is surrounded by a forest of orange/yellow trees.

The stall owners are grass people and are green and made out of grass.


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