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The Extinct World is an alternate timeline created when The Lich wished for the extermination of all life in the episode "Finn the Human". In this universe, all life was reduced to skeletons in an instant, leaving only silence and decay, with the exception of robots like BMO.

While this timeline was thought to have been negated by Jake's wish in "Jake the Dog", the Extinct World continued to exist by the time Simon Petrikov, Fionna, and Cake visited it in "Jerry".


The Extinction of All Life[]

The events of the timeline were the same up until "Finn the Human", with one major deviation: all living things suddenly died, having been reduced to their bare skeletons. Even all the grass and plant life has completely withered and dried up. The Ice King of this world inadvertently recorded the last moments of both himself and this world, showing that the denizens of this timeline were completely unaware of their impending end until the instant it happened, himself and Gunter turning into skeletons for a just a few frames before the video cuts off.

The Lich soon arrived in this world, his mission complete. However, without any further purpose, he sat on a throne of skulls and became catatonic for the next 14 years.

BMO is the only known survivor of this event due to not technically being "alive". Having not fully accepted the loss of everyone he knew, he continued to believe that Finn and Jake simply "left" and would return home soon. He also made friends with "Jerry", being either unaware or lacking the sanity to realize that "Jerry" was the Lich, the entity responsible for the end of all life. It is unknown if other robots, such as Neptr, Rattleballs, the MOs, Minerva Campbell (as an uploaded consciousness), or Olive also survived.

14 Years Later[]

With the complete loss of life everywhere, the Extinct World simply decayed. One day, Simon Petrikov from the Land of Ooo as well as Fionna and Cake from their own reality arrived in this world. Fionna learns from the Ice King's tapes where he left his crown and scavenges it in secret.

They later meet BMO in the Tree House and finally learn what happened that made the world so dead and barren. To help the trio escape this dimension, BMO tries to charge Prismo's remote control; however, he is killed in the process and the remote is left uncharged.

Simon, Fionna, and Cake eventually run into "Jerry", who they are shocked to learn is the Lich. The Lich disables them immediately; recognizing Simon, he remarks that he would have killed the ice wizard "a thousand times" in the "olden days", but refrains from doing so now. Simon remarks that having killed all life essentially made the Lich too depressed to function.

Later, Simon performs a magic ritual in order to get Fionna and Cake back into his head and inside their universe. However, after doing this successfully, he along with Scarab and the Lich is brought to GOLB's Dimension.


  • While the Extinct World should be the state of Ooo immediately after the Lich's wish in "Finn the Human", there are minor inconsistencies as to when the extinction of all life happened:
    • The gems from Princess Bubblegum and the Ice King's crowns are returned to them despite being used to open the Enchiridion for the Lich to enter the Time Room. However, the gems are known to return to their original place once removed from the book.
    • The Finn of this world left the same "BRB" note Finn leaves in "Temple of Mars", which happened several years both in- and out-of-universe from "Finn the Human". As Finn only learns what "BRB" means in that episode, it's unlikely that the Finn native to the Extinct World left it himself.


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