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2021 Music Hole Award Nomination
SilverMusic.png This article was nominated in the 2021 Music Hole Awards. It was nominated for the following category: Best Season 7+8 Song. However, it didn't win.

"Evolution" is sung by Dr. Gross in the episode "Preboot." The song is about the hybrids that Dr. Gross has kept in her menagerie.


Dr. Gross: Evolution's a natural process,
But it's not exactly the fastest.
You can reach your potential with just a little help.
Get some light surgery and shake off the anesthesia,
And you'll see that science has made you more special,
With just a little help.
Step into my menagerie,
One look at my lab and you'll see,
The opposite of extinction, nature leveled up.
Finn: [talking] Wow, these dudes look mad advanced.
Jake: [talking] They're mash ups, bro.
Dr. Gross: A shark that breathes air and likes to eat cheese,
Susan: [gasps]
Dr. Gross: A really fast chick with wasp wings.
Jake: [talking] Click!
Dr. Gross: An electric eel powered by wind,
When it's dark, that eel's ideal.
And one of my best hybrids, a guy that knows what time it is.


  • This song is likely an homage to Gene Wilder's "Pure Imagination" from the 1971 movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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