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Don't let him look at you or something horrible will happen.

—The Legend of Dead Mountain

The Evil Hermit, or simply The Hermit, was the former guardian of Dead Mountain. Prior to the events of "Don't Look", he passed away in his home sitting on a chair.

The Evil Hermit was mentioned in a manuscript called The Legend of Dead Mountain, which stated that he was said to be the guardian of the mountain. With the promise of a treasure that would change the receiver into "whatever they wanted to be", Finn and Jake traveled to the top of the mountain armed with mirror-shields that they planned to use against the guardian. After arriving and seeing that the Hermit was dead, Finn took off the man's shades and was given the power of the blue eyeballs that were inside of him.

At the end of the episode, Finn (in a monster form) returned to the top of the fort where he threw the man's skeleton out of his chair and sat in it himself.


It is unknown what the actual appearance of Evil Hermit was when he was alive. All we know is that he wore glasses, and that he had a pair of evil blue eyes, which were transferred to Finn.


  • When Finn and Jake arrived at the Hermit's lair, they were greeted by a horde of rats that quickly scurried away. It is more than likely that these rats may have been former people-turned-rats by the Hermit.
  • The Hermit's home was filled with piles of junk food, including pizza boxes, and popsicle sticks.
    • Although the Hermit was implied to have been dead for some time, rats could be seen chewing on pieces of fresh pizza.