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"Evicted!" is the twelfth episode in the first season of Adventure Time. It's the twelfth episode overall.


Finn and Jake search for a new home after Marceline takes over theirs.


The episode begins with Jake telling Finn a scary story about vampires as a bat flies past the Tree Fort on a stormy night. Finn was really afraid, though he was unwilling to admit it. Finn even asked Jake if the story was true or if he had just made it up. In response to Finn, Jake said that a reliable source had told the story to him, making Finn even more scared. And to finish the story, Jake said that the vampire used to haunt the tree where they live. Jake leaves him to sleep, but Finn then sees a strange vampire-like figure in his window (proved to actually be Marceline trying to find a way to get in the treehouse). Finn goes downstairs out of fear and tells Jake. Jake then reveals that the story and "reliable source" were made up. Just then, the vampire, Marceline, breaks in. After introducing herself, she tells them of her adventures in the Land of Ooo. She then tells them that she owned the tree years ago, and proves it by showing them a large 'M' carved in the wall, but thanks them for keeping it warm for her. She then carries Finn and Jake out of their Tree Fort and they're forced to go house-hunting.

After a long montage (accompanied by the House Hunting Song), visiting the False House, a Bird House, a Bee Hive, a Cloud House, and a Giant Shell, Finn says he wants to go home. Jake then sings a song to him about how home is where your heart is. Finn then realizes he would rather be with Jake, however Jake said that he rather be dancing with some babes. Suddenly, Finn and Jake find and settle in a cave (Vampire Cave) they find, fix it up, and throw a party. Marceline comes and interrupts the party and shows Finn and Jake yet another 'M' carved into boulder, and that she previously owned it too, like the treehouse and thanks them for fixing up the place. Finn objects saying that she can't take their home twice to which she responds with a bass guitar cord while singsonging "yes, I can"; Finn is almost about to attack Marceline, but Jake reminds him that home is where the heart is. Finn then says Marceline can have the cave since Jake is his real home and is better than all of her homes combined to which Marceline agrees and then prepares to take Jake too, but Finn smacks him out of her hands which enrages her.

Marceline grows into a giant bat. Finn and Marceline start to fight. Finn gets hurt, and Jake decides to attack her. She then bites Jake and sucks his blood, making him presumably dead. Finn gets overcome with rage and fury and punches Marceline in the face to make her stop, telling Finn that he actually hurt her. Marceline then returns to her default form and kisses Finn on the cheek after successfully punching her, making Finn blush deeply, claiming that she enjoyed the fight. Jake comes back, showing that he survived by putting his guts and blood in his thumb. Marceline becomes amused and lets them have their old house back, as a 'gift' from her and scares them away with a scary face. When they get back, they find that their house is infested with worms. King Worm greets Finn and Jake, then tells them to hug him. He then shoots a hypnotizing beam from his eyes, commanding the two adventurers to hug him. The episode ends with the GWK (Giant Worm King) sending a signal, possibly calling more worms, as the brainwashed Finn and Jake hug him.


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  • This is the first appearance of Marceline, as well as the Fire Kingdom.
  • As Finn and Jake walk back to their house after Marceline gives it back, map labels can be seen in the sky for "Ice Kingdom" and "Mystery Mountains."
  • Although the cloud bride shown during "House Hunting Song" does not have any lines, the credits list Olivia Olson, who also plays Marceline.

Episode connections

  • The "M" for Marceline is used again later in "It Came from the Nightosphere" on the candles above Marceline's couch.
  • Marceline's outfit in this episode is almost identical to the one she wears in "Go With Me" (minus the half shaven hair, longer shirt, and ripped sleeves).
  • The book that Finn throws at the worm is the Enchiridion from the episode "The Enchiridion!"
  • The bee from the beehive where Jake puts his foot in looks like Breezy from "Breezy".
  • The bird house where Finn puts his foot in is similar to the bird house that Cuber is looking for in the episode "Another Five More Short Graybles"
  • The Giant Duck from the house hunting song can be seen in the theme song opening for "Come Along With Me."

Production notes

  • This is the last episode to feature "Adventure Time with Finn & Jake Presents." All episodes title cards after "Evicted!" use "Adventure Time Presents."
  • The music playing while the title card appears is the same music that Marceline plays on her bass guitar while she crashed the party.
  • This episode and "Business Time" were shown before the show's official premiere.


  • Marceline and Jake say "good night," but when the clouds clear up it is morning. However, Marceline may have done this due to the fact that she is nocturnal.
  • When Finn and Jake go "house hunting," first they are heading for the Ice Kingdom. But it is unknown why they go to the Ice Kingdom at the end of their house hunting.
  • It is unknown why Finn and Jake didn't bring BMO with them when they went house hunting.
    • This is most likely due to BMO not being established as a real character yet and was more of a prop.
  • In some episodes, it is shown that Marceline can be hurt or even vanish if she doesn't wear a hat or an umbrella to protect herself from the Sun. However, in a flashback where Marceline rides the Goldfish Beast in her school, she doesn't wear any protection when the scene is clearly at the day.
  • Marceline drops her duffel bag on the floor when she got in the house and scares Finn and Jake. But when she burn off the candles around inside the room, her duffel bag is missing. Probably it's because the bag isn't seen and covered by one of the candles.
  • There has been much confusion about Tree Trunks being at the house-warming party in this episode if she was transported to the crystal dimension, but Pen Ward stated that they created "Evicted!" before "Tree Trunks."[1]
  • When Marceline got inside Finn and Jake's house and scares them, she turns all the candles in the room on fire. But when she shows her logo "M" behind a frame, the candles are seen to be off.
  • The Nut Creatures are seen crawling at Marceline's arm before Finn wipes his face, but when Finn does it, the sound of the Nut Creatures is still heard but Marceline's arm is down and they actually don't appear anymore.
  • During the "House Hunting Song," when Finn and Jake are running away from the frog in the shell, Jake's eyes have normal pupils.
  • When the Tiger first jumps out of the frog disguise, he has cat-like eyes with pupils. When he lands on the ground, however, his eyes are just black dots.
  • When Jake stretches up and brings Finn to reach the cloud house, Finn's backpack is gone.
  • When Marceline shows the Nut Creatures to Finn and Jake, she has five fingers instead of four. The number of fingers on characters' hands change depending on the circumstances. Also, when Marceline shows her logo "M" behind a rock in Finn and Jake's "cave," she has five fingers.
  • When Marceline was scaring Finn and Jake (when she was tapping on the window), her teeth are spaced and some are missing, though she really has regular teeth (minus the fangs).
  • When Marceline gets upset and turns into her beast form to fight Finn over Jake, the bass guitar is placed near her left arm. But when Marceline transforms into her normal body and kisses Finn, the bass guitar appeared near her right arm.
  • When Jake stretches through the cloud house, he goes through the front yet comes in on the bottom.
  • During the "House Hunting Song," the snail is seen when they are walking, right before the lyrics "Oh Marceline, why are you so mean?" are sung. However, the snail is seen twice in one scene, showing that the scene was looped.
  • When Marceline touches Finn's chest, she doesn't have anything in her hand. But when she said that she eats reds, in her hand appears a strawberry.
  • Mr. Cupcake has blue sprinkles, but they are red in this episode.
  • When the King Worm forces Finn and Jake to hug him, his crown is placed on the top right of his head. But when the King Worm is facing at the screen, his crown is placed on the top left.



This episode was censored on Cartoon Network Australia. See Censorship of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network Australia for more information.


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