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Jake, is that you? Are you going to let us in?

—"Her Parents"

Ohh, he's so handsome! Oh, Bob, our daughter's finally found a handsome Rainicorn to love!

Well, we are a little blind.

Your house is very colorful. I like that!

Yes, we're eager to know about the studly young Rainicorn that's dating our daughter.

I am a little curious about your goblin; he looks a little odd.

Oh, Bob, our future son in law must be filthy rich to afford a human butler!

Oh, oh! Let's play some traditional Rainicorn games!

Oh, I was hoping but I was afraid to ask!

Of course we do! Jake said you'd make a great lunch.

Don't you touch him!

(gasp) You're a dog?

Finn, listen, I just want you to know how sorry we are about trying to eat you.

Oh, no, this is soy people. I've never tasted real human before, but they say you can't even tell the difference.

—"Her Parents"

Ethel also sings The Lucky Ones with Bob.