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Engagement Ring Princess makes her cameo in "Ricardio the Heart Guy." She also appears in "What is Life?" She seems to appear at the parties in the Candy Kingdom. She appears again in "Loyalty to the King" as the Ice King's prisoner, and later one of the many suitors of the Nice King. As a prisoner, she repeatedly said: "Save me, Finn and Jake!" According to Finn, she was only traumatized. In "The Lich," Finn and Jake struggle to pull out the golden ring from her head while she is sleeping, as the gem's power will activate the Enchiridion. She is a registered princess according to "Princess Day."


She has a gold ring on her head with a blue gem on top as her crown. She has light blue skin and short pink hair. She wears a white strapless bridesmaid dress that reaches the ground. She also wears a big purple bow on the dress around her waist.


Save me, Finn and Jake!


  • According to Natasha Allegri, she is supposed to resemble a crazy desperate bridesmaid from a chick flick.[1]
  • As shown in "Loyalty to the King," Engagement Ring Princess enjoys opera.
  • As shown in "The Lich," her bed is a giant ring case.
  • She speaks with a somewhat high voice, much like Wildberry Princess, and both are voiced by Maria Bamford.
  • "The Adventure Time Encyclopædia" refers to her as a "Candy Kingdom Princess", implying she is part of the Candy Kingdom as opposed to having her own Kingdom despite being a registered princess.

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