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|name = Emerald Princess' Crown
|image = [[File:Emerald Princess' crown.png]]
|type = Crown
|owner = [[Emerald Princess]]
|firstintroduced = "[[Prisoners of Love]]"
|lastseen = "[[Breezy]]"}}{{stub}}
'''Emerald Princess' Crown''' is a large green emerald. In "[[The Lich (episode)|The Lich]]," it was taken from her by Finn and Jake as she slept. They removed it by gently squishing her head until it popped out of its hole in her head.
*Her crown is very different from all the other princesses' crowns; it is a giant emerald resting in the top of her head rather than a gold crown with a small emerald embedded in it.
*Her crown appears large, but in "The Lich," her gem crown is able to fit in its place in [[The Enchiridion (book) |The Enchiridion]]. This is possible because just before the gems fly into The Enchiridion, her crown shrinks.
Emerald Princess Sleeping.png|Emerald Princess sleeping
S4e26 finnandjakesqueezingEmeraldPrincess'head.png|Finn and Jake squeezing the crown out of Emerald Princess' head
Crownless Emerald Princess.png|Emerald Princess without her crown
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