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Elise was a Human who was alive roughly one thousand years prior to the current setting of Adventure Time. She is the mother of Marceline, whom she conceived with the demon Hunson Abadeer.

She was first mentioned in "Henchman", while Finn and Marceline were in the strawberry fields, where the latter mused that when the sun burns her, it reminds her of when she would scrape her knees as a child and her mom would patch her up.

Elise makes her first physical appearance in "Everything Stays" in one of Marceline's flashbacks, where she is shown living with her daughter in a trailer somewhere in the desert. She is briefly seen telling Marceline about how she met Hunson. When Marceline says that she does not want to take a nap because her dreams are weird, Elise comforts her by telling her that her dreams might just be normal things viewed from a different angle and singing her a lullaby, "Everything Stays".

During "Obsidian", it is discovered through several flashbacks that, after the Mushroom War, Elise and Marceline were trying to reach a fallout shelter called the Clubhouse. Throughout their journey, Elise became more and more sick and eventually started coughing blood. Following an incident where Marceline accidentally killed a wolf in front of its offspring using her demon powers, Elise, knowing she herself would not make it, feared putting Marceline through the trauma of seeing her own mother die. She proceeded to trick Marceline into going ahead while she stayed behind to fix a motorcycle. Marceline misinterpreted this as Elise abandoning her out of fear, but 1000 years later stumbled upon an audio recording Elise left behind, apologizing for her actions and assuring Marceline she would survive without her.


In "Finn the Human", Farmworld Marceline states that she is half-demon, which is the first indication that her mother was of a non-demon species.

Marceline's father makes a brief, mournful reference to Marceline's mother in The Adventure Time Encyclopædia: "Thus, regarding her childhood adventures with her poor, unfortunate mother, there is, now and evermore, naught to be heard but the Shadowfall of Nightospheric Silence."

Marceline's mother is heavily mentioned in Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook. Being so young, Marceline only had a few scarce memories of her mother, who mysteriously vanished by the time Simon Petrikov found her. All that she left behind were two photos of her and Marceline together and a letter placed in Marceline's pocket mentioning Hunson and to keep Marceline safe. Before hibernating, Marceline looked up the last two pictures of her mother to cherish their memories together and hoping that she would dream about her.

More information about her death is seen in the episode "Obsidian". It is revealed she and Marcy survived the Mushroom War, but Elise came down with a deadly illness that was causing her to cough up blood, implied to be radiation poisoning from the nuclear fallout. As it turns out, Marceline's impression of her as having abandoned her stemmed from an incident where Elise watched Marceline absorb the soul a wolf that attacked them: Marceline believed Elise feared her and ran away, not realizing just how sick Elise was and that she wanted to save Marceline from having to watch her mother die.

Physical appearance[]

Elise is a tall, thin woman with a dark complexion and short, shaggy black hair. She has the usual skinny arms and legs of most humanoid characters, and in her later years, she would also show slight bags underneath her eyes. She wears a green long-sleeved jacket, a white shirt, blue jeans with holes in the knees, white socks, and dark-green high-top sneakers. During a flashback in "Obsidian", she is also seen wearing a red cloak.


Though not much is known about Elise's personality, due to the brevity of her several appearances, one can speculate by her interactions with Marceline in "Everything Stays" and "Obsidian" that she is rather prudent and protective as, in the latter of the aforementioned episodes, puts herself in danger to protect her daughter. In addition, she is also shown to go out of her way to ensure the emotional health of Marceline and the impact that witnessing her death would have on the little girl, though she was unaware of the effect that her sending her daughter away had on her as she got older.

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