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Elements is a miniseries from the American animated television series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward and produced by Frederator Studios. The miniseries aired on April 24, 2017 and concluded on April 27, 2017.


Following closely on the heels of the previous miniseries, Elements follows Finn and Jake's return home to discover that Ooo has been turned into a veritable dystopia thanks to extreme elemental magic. Now it's up to Finn, Jake, and a few others to fix it.

The episodes, in order, are:


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  • This is the third and final Adventure Time miniseries,[3] which at first planned as part of season 8, but now Elements marks as the start of season 9. The first being Stakes, which aired as part of season 7, and the second being Islands, which aired as part of season 8 as well.
  • The miniseries did extremely poorly in ratings, with all the episodes being watched but under a million viewers (at the time of its airing) likely due to its lack of advertising and promotion.
  • Elements continues the naming tradition of being a plural noun, like Stakes and Islands.
  • This miniseries also has an opening of its own like "Stakes" and "Islands," but with Hynden Walch singing in the intro instead of Pendleton Ward.
  • The song that plays in the promo for the miniseries is Greensleeves which is a traditional English folk song.
  • The miniseries was released digitally on iTunes on April 17, 2017.
  • Across the miniseries, each of the four elements represents one of the four temperaments:
    • The Candy element corresponds to the Sanguine temperament; the characters "fixed" by Princess Bubblegum exhibit the general emotional traits of the temperament: happiness, enthusiasm/excitement, positivity/optimism, joy.
    • The Ice element corresponds to the Melancholic temperament; the characters residing in Patience St. Pim's dome (including Patience herself) exhibit the emotional traits of the temperament: negativity/pessimism, quietness, sadness/depression.
    • The Slime element corresponds to the Phlegmatic temperament; the characters at the Slime Kingdom skate party, most notably Jake when being assimilated, exhibit the general demeanor of the temperament: apathetic, sluggish, uninterested, bored.
    • The Fire element corresponds to the Choleric temperament; the characters residing in the Fire Kingdom exhibit the traits of the temperament: aggressiveness, irascibility, anger/irritability.
  • Lumpy Space Princess, Sweet P and the Snail are the only characters that appear to be immune to elemental transformation.
    • In the end, LSP, Sweet P, the Snail, Ice King, Betty, and Cinnamon Bun are the only characters who didn't transform.
    • It is possible that Ice King and Betty are also immune to the elemental transformation given that Ice King is protected by the Ice Crown (which was strong enough to survive the Mushroom War) and that Betty's own magic was used to power the elemental spell.


  • In the iTunes version, the "Created by Pendleton Ward" subtitle on the bottom of the show's title is missing in the intro. This was corrected in the TV airing.


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