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The Elemental Purification Spell is a spell Patience St. Pim used to make the other Elementals embrace their powers. This goes horribly wrong however, when the elementals each turn a quarter of Ooo into their respective element.


In order for the spell to work, it needs a wizard as a battery. to the person chanting the spell.

The spell makes the Elementals transform everything around them into more of their element (greatly affecting their bodies and minds in the process) including living beings and other elementals, whose personalities become distorted to fit the elemental’s theme. They also will take on new names to fit said themes.

If someone becomes a Candy Person, they would be extremely blissful and unintentionally creepy. If someone becomes an Ice Person, they would be depressed and not move or talk much. If someone becomes a Slime Person, they would be focused on roller skating and have desire to be assimilated into a Slime Elemental. If someone becomes a Flame Person, they would be violent and constantly attack anyone in sight. The spell also greatly effects the elementals bodies and minds.

Victims of the spell[]






  • The elementals and their respective transformations brought about by the spell appear to reflect the four temperaments; sanguine (candy), choleric (fire), melancholic (ice), and phlegmatic (slime).