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Elder Pops Alien is a character that appears in the episode "Orgalorg." He and his wife, Elder Granny Alien, appear to warn and criticize the other unknown alien species about not listening to their tales of Orgalorg before.


Like all of the Unknown Alien Species, he appears to look nothing like anyone else. He appears to have a pair of eyes, a mouth, and green skin. He has five tentacle-looking things descending from his head and in between each is green transparent webbing. Their appears to be a stem at the bottom of his head that connects him to he floating contraption that he resides upon.


Like his wife, he is very old-timey and grouchy. He take so the classic old-timer mindset of thinking that just because you're older than everyone else, means that you're the smartest. He does appear to be quicker than his wife, however, because he was seen correcting her when she lost her initial train of thought.


  • Like his wife and the other aliens, his fate after the events that unfolded during that episode is unknown.