Elder Plops

Elder Plops.png


Species Slime Person
Gender Male
Occupation Elder of the Slime Kingdom
Introduced in "Love Games"
Lastest appearance "Son of Rap Bear"
Voiced by John Hodgman

Elder Plops is the elder of the Slime Kingdom who appears in "Love Games." In the episode, he judges and declares the kingdom's ruler through the Trials of Glarb. As an elder, he holds the responsibility of making wise decisions on important events and occasions such as the heir to the throne. He frequently reintroduces himself and states his name when he states himself in the first person. In Elements , he is DJ Plop Drop who acts as a DJ for the Slime Kingdom. He apparently enjoyed being a DJ, because in "Son of Rap Bear ", he is seen as a DJ at the Clam Rap.


Elder Plops is shown to have a small white mustache and beard. He also wears a tall miter and holds a staff, indicating his position of authority. He resembles a traditional Catholic bishop. When seen in "Slime Central ", he's dressed like DJ.


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