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Elder Granny Alien appeared in the episode, "Orgalorg," to warn and criticize the other unknown alien species that because they did not listen to her previous tales of Orgalorg, they will suffer from his destructive powers.


The Elder Granny Alien does not look like any of her fellow alien species. Like Elder Pops Alien, she floats in a mini-hover craft. She is seen wearing was appears to be a shower cap. The skin that her eyes lay on is distended and droopy for the rest of her body. She also appears to be purple and green.


Like some elders, she has the solid mindset that because she's old, she's always right and everyone else is always wrong. She is not up to date on current events that the youth take place in, as all she thinks they do it "smooch."


  • Her fate after the events of the episode unfolded is unknown.