Ed is a spider who is one of the main characters in "Web Weirdos" and is Barb's husband. He and Barb were having problems with their relationship, but they soon meet Finn and Jake who are stuck in their web. Ed gets some relationship advice from Finn (in which Finn was mostly doing this to escape by earning his trust), though this doesn't do much for the spiders' relationship. Ed finds and gives Barb a Glowing sword, honestly hoping to cuddle with her by its fire. Barb thinks that Ed got it for other reasons, and so she starts trying to eat him. While the two fight, Finn comes to help because Ed is being beaten badly. As the episode ends he makes up with Barb after she gives birth to their babies from a giant egg sac.


Ed is a large spider (about the height of Finn) with a sucked-in dark-orange face and very dark-orange skin. He has eight legs, but two appear to be arms because they are shorter and he doesn't walk on them. In addition, these two arms are attached to his head; the other six are attached to his thorax. Unlike a real spider, he has three parts of his body, which are shaped like beans. He has dark-brown skin, and his eyes are yellow with black pupils.


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  • Barb trying to eat Ed is similar to what actual spiders do in real life. The female often consumes the male when mating.
  • A spider similar to Ed is an enemy in the Game Creator, who also carries a flame sword. They are able to walk around.


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