Earclopses are a species of giant humanoids that are notable for having an ear for a head. The Earclopes appear in "The Silent King" and are used as an army by Xergiok, a deposed goblin king, in an attempt to retake the Goblin Kingdom.


The Earclopses are large and muscular creatures that wield studded clubs. They wear brown fox pelts around their neck, abdomen, forearms and feet. In addition, they have bandaged wrists that are covered by small barrels. They wear a belt made of what appears to be shower rings that are attached to planks and are harnessed by bandages around their waist. Most notably, the Earclopes have a giant ear where their head should be.


Due to their size and structure, Earclopses can easily intimidate their enemies. They also seem to be very strong guardians, which is probably why Xergiok used them for an army to retake the Goblin Kingdom. It is unknown how Earclopes can see, because they have no visible eyes as all they have for a head is an ear.

Despite their strengths, any potential power the Earclopes possess is offset by the fact that they are incredibly sensitive to loud noises. This includes sounds such as shouting, screaming, screeching or yelling. This is seen in "The Silent King" where Finn and Jake quickly defeat an army of Earclopes by clapping in their "ears" and yelling through an amplifier. However, after defeating the monsters, Finn suggests that this weakness can be fixed by using Earclopes with earplugs.


  • The Earclops is a satirical version of Cyclops; instead of a single eye, its head is just a large ear.


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