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The Dungeon Train is the main location of the episode "Dungeon Train." It contains many monsters, such as the Hair Apes and the Crystal Ants. All monsters in this dungeon carry loot both mundane and magical. The train keeps going in an endless loop.


A dungeon made up of 21 green, scaly train cars all linked together going around a track in an endless loop with no locomotive to pull them. The cars have infinity symbols on their doors and on top of the cars themselves. The inside of the train appears to be made up of different colored paneled rooms. It also might be somewhat magical as it can make many magical items and monsters appear as one enters a room where there was nothing before.

The dungeon is easy to leave as each car has a door on the side they can exit through. However, those who board the train can become engrossed in the endless fighting and collection of loot, and with some of the loot being sustenance, they could spend their entire life on it.

Some dungeoneers do. Some go through the train and attack other dungeoneers for their gear, until they are defeated and explode into light, leaving behind any loot they had collected thus far.


First Boss

S5e36 Boss1

The First Boss

This is the first boss that Finn kills, while Jake is watching him. He(?) is light green, and is armed with a black crown that emits fire, a flail with multicolored eyes, a glove and a Spiked Club (with a single nail). He is defeated by Finn. Finn takes the crown and the flail, while Jake takes the spiked club and the glove. The glove, however, was discarded by Jake after discovering that putting the glove on turns the wearer into a creature similar to the boss.

Second Boss

S5e36 Boss2

The Second Boss

The second Boss seems to be some sort of wizard. His face and hands are green, and has a coat that covers his entire person, a magic wand, a crystal ball, metal boots that look reminiscent rhinos, A Battle Moon, a sword in a bag and an eye that shines like starlight. It is unknown how he is defeated by Finn. Finn grabs the Battle Moon, while Jake the Crystal Ball, which Jake uses to show Finn his future.

Third Boss

S5e36 Souped-up Finn

The Third Boss, Finn

Ironically, Finn is the third Boss which Jake tackles because he discovers that Finn is fast becoming one of them. It has an orange sword (probably made with fire), a Spider Wand, a Flame Cloak, a helmet, shoes rhinos and the Battle Moon. He won the fight against Jake with a single shot using the Spider Wand. Finn takes Jake's Backpack, which contained food (apples and chicken) and the Crystal Ball.


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