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No, please! This has gone far enough.

—"The Duke"

Who's the toughest little nut? That's you! [aside to Finn and Jake] One second?

Oh. Sorry to make you wait, I made these daisy crowns for you guys as a - as a token of my gratitude for waiting. Hohh, sorry I - I have to sit down for a second. Ohh, I know this is an odd question, but you wouldn't happen to have any pudding on you, would you?

Oh, I'm so embarrassed! Now you know my shame. I can't stop eating pudding.

I don't tell people, because I hate making them worry, but yes, I have a rare condition - a pudding deficiency - [sigh] and I always end up eating all the royal pudding supply when I go to the castle.

Yes, but I didn't turn Princess Bubblegum green and bald! I would never do such a thing!

Hey, it's okay. People make mistakes. It's all a part of growing up and you never really stop growing.

Maybe I should just confess the crime and end all this.

[In a bush hiding with Jake] I don't know if I can do this! [Jake pushes him out] ..and that's how I, the Duke of Nuts, by disfiguring you beyond all recognition, humbly saved your life.

She's right, innocent or not, I should accept what's coming to me.

Nuttin's goin' my way today.

It's true, Your Majesty... I'm - I'm sorry for my medical condition.

—"The Duke"