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Ducks are a species of Bird thats can commonly be found in the real world. These creatures are often found hanging out near lakes and ponds. There are many different ducks that appear throughout the Adventure Time series.

Notable Ducks

Other Known Ducks

Image Name Basic Description
Duck CoC.png Duck in Conquest of Cuteness

( the one underneath is the same duck)

A duck appears in "Conquest of Cuteness" when Finn and Jake call together a couple of their friends. Character designer Andy Ristaino has confirmed that this duck is not Boobafina.
Duck The Eyes.png Duck in "The Eyes" One duck appears in "The Eyes," which Finn and Jake feed and sometimes hang out with.
Duckpunch.png Five Ducks Five Ducks appear in "Memories of Boom Boom Mountain. They are used as cushions for the Marauders punches as one of Finn's solutions to roughhousing."
Duck.png Giant Duck Giant Duck is a character that appears in the "House Hunting Song." It is seen when Finn and Jake try to make a house out of it by laying sticks along its side to make walls and a window frame. It then realizes that two strangers are sitting next to his hindquarters, and begins moving around scare them off. The duck has the appearance of an enormous stone from behind. The Giant Duck also briefly appears in the opening for Come Along With Me.
Duke of Nuts helping ducks.png Family of Ducks A family of ducks appear in "The Duke" when the Duke of Nuts helps them across a puddle by laying his cape over it. The ducks' appearance matches the area's "nut" theme. The adult has a peanut-shell pattern on its stomach, and a leaf as a tail. The ducklings are shaped like a cashew, with a seam down the center of their bodies, and a leaf on their heads.
Yellow Duck This duck plays a role in one of BMO’s many daily morning chores in the episode, "All's Well That Rats Swell," being fed a slice of bread. However; when BMO throws the bread, it hits the duck and the duck floats forward without any body motion. For this reason, it is unknown if the bird was actually real or not.
Tool Duck The Tool Duck that Shoko jokingly handed Princess Bubblegum when they were building the Gumball Guardians in the episode, "The Vault."
Duck Statue A Duck Statue can be seen as apart of Finn and Jake's treasure pile. It has gems for eyes and a pointed green hat with stripes.
Park Ducks.jpg
Park Ducks

(same type of duck shown in Conquest of Cuteness)

The Park Ducks were ducks seen in the Park's pond in the episode, "Loyalty to the King."
Muffin Duck.jpg
Muffin Duck The Muffin Duck is a duck that was turned into a pile of muffins after attempting to eat them in the episode, "Have You Seen the Muffin Mess."


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