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The Duchess of Nuts is a character who appears in the episode "The Duke." She is the wife of the Duke of Nuts and mother of the Marquis of Nuts. In "Henchman," she has a second son, who is celebrating his first birthday. She appears alone in the Duke of Nuts' castle when Finn and Jake come in looking for the Duke. She claims that some nuts in a bowl tell her everything and that they say to execute the Duke of Nuts. She startles Finn by requesting that he listen to the nuts.


The Duchess of Nuts has a wrinkly, tan head with three peanuts on top of it and cat-like eyes. She also wears a brown dress and resembles a pistachio.


Hello, Finn. Are you here to arrest the duke?

The nuts told me, for I am the Duchess of Nuts!

Would you like to hear what MY NUTS HAVE TO SAY?


  • She claims to know how to talk to nuts.
  • Jake ate some of the nuts in the bowl, but he stopped, fearing that the nuts were her eggs.
  • She is able to twist her head 180 degrees.
  • The nuts on the sides of her head resemble hair bows.
  • Her enigmatic way of speaking, style of dress, and her claims that inanimate objects speak to her are reminiscent of the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.