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The Drum Set Characters are a group of characters that were brought to life in the episode "Friends Forever" by The Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving.


Crash Cymbal Person


Crash Cymbal Person is the crash cymbal part of the drum set. It appears to have eyes on the Symbol part of it's body and two arms.They can only be seen at the first part of the episode when all of the objects were created. He has no lines.

Hi Hats Person


The Hi Hats Person appears to be the hi hats of the drum set. They have eyes on the very top cymbal and arms. They tell Ice King that it's OK to cry into one of his diapers. They can also be seen playing a Double Bass.

Floor Tom Person


The Floor Tom Person appears to be the floor tom part of the drum set. Due to the way he was created, he is upside down. He has eyes, a mouth, arms, and legs. He as well has no lines, but you can see him playing his underside (which should be his top side).

Snare Drum Person


Snare Drum Person is the snare drum part of the drum set. He appears to have eyes, a mouth, arms, and legs. Like Floor Tom Person, he is upside down. At the beginning of the episode, he has a conversation about his perspective of reality and how their existence could be easily created with the right technology. He can be seen playing a tiny piano.

Bass Drum Person


Bass Drum Person is the bass drum part of the drum set. He has a pace in the center of his body with arms and legs. He stands up against Ice King when he threatens to kick everyone out and helps the other house hold items mock his embarrassing moments. He can be seen playing a Saxophone.


Like many of the household items brought to life in this episode, the instruments demonstrate a very intelligent personality. They know how to play other instruments and they appear to have deep, personal thoughts.


  • For some reason the ride cymbal was missing.
  • The Crash Symbol Person disappears after the introduction to the items.
  • Crash Symbol Person is the only part of the set that cannot be seen playing anything during the party scene.