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Drop Ball is an "extremely addictive, high-intensity game designed for people everywhere." The Ghost Man introduces Finn and Jake to the game in the episode "Blood Under the Skin." Finn must play it in order to gain access to the holding room for the Armor of Zeldron. The Ghost Man's high score is six. The origins of the game are unknown, but its claim of being addictive seems to be true as the Ghost Man had spent many years trapped by his addiction.


To play this game, one grabs a ball using their butt cheeks while in the squatting position and stands without releasing it. Once in the full upright position, they may then drop the ball. This counts as a single point. The objective is to successfully complete the process listed above as many times as you can consecutively. Ghost Man is seen demonstrating the game. 

Random facts[]

  • Ghost Man's high score is 6.
  • It may be possible to break the addiction of drop ball when entering the sunlight.
  • Drop ball seems to be played with what looks like a hollow, plastic, red ball.
  • Finn thinks the game is stupid.


  • Based on the description of Drop Ball, it is most likely a parody of Bullet Ball.
  • The Drop Ball scene is cut from different country airings of Adventure Time and has been replaced with Finn and Jake ignoring the Ghost Man and proceeding to the Magic Armor while he teaches his technique.