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This article is about the song. You may be looking for the episode.

"Dream of Love" is a duet sung by Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig in "Dream of Love" written by Patrick McHale. The lyrics imply that the two lovers wish to be together, but the wish will only come true in their dreams. Tree Trunks sings the song in her house, while Mr. Pig sings in the Candy Tavern. The song is accompanied by an off-screen electric guitar and a cymbal.


Tree Trunks: Dream of love,
Is it really over?
Can I overcome these tears?
I close my eyes,
Feel that he's still with me,
Still standing with me here.
Mr. Pig: Dream of love,
Are we truly parted?
Must this pig forever walk alone?
In my dreams,
Our love is just a dream to me.
But in my heart,
It lives, and breathes, and grows.
Tree Trunks: And even though,
We ain't allowed to be together,
I cross my heart
And promise to be true.
Mr. Pig: Well, I'm still lovin' you, girl
From halfway-cross this great, big world
And in my dreams, I'm holding hands with you.
Both: Dream of love,
Dream of love,
It's only a dream of love,
Dream of love,
Dream of lo-o-ove,
It's only a dream... of love.
Tree Trunks: I close my eyes,
And feel his arms around me.
In my dreams,
He's not so far away.


  • The chorus consists of the two singing in a yellow background full of spotlights.
  • In the original storyboard for Dream of Love, the song had Finn and Jake singing in the background, "Dream of Love," "He's not so far away," and "Well, I'm still lovin' you girl."
  • In Patrick McHale's original demo the line "we ain't allowed to be together" is instead "we ain't allowed to be making love."[2]


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