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Dream Journal of a Boring Man, Vol. 12 is a book containing a commentary and description of the unnamed author's dreams. Jake forces Finn to read it in "Jake Suit," believing the book is painfully boring. After initially dreading it, however, Finn starts to enjoy it.


The book is a medium to large size, comparable to Finn and Jake's other books. Its cover is olive green with gold lettering. On the back and spine are pictures of an almost completely bald humanoid man in a green shirt with a blasé expression on his face, presumably the author. The book is somewhat worn with some tears on the bottom and spine. The inside appears to contain no pictures, contributing to its "boring" appearance.


In "Jake Suit," Jake opens to the middle of the book at the beginning of a seven page-long dream, and reads aloud, "In my dream I was eating Jasmine rice, but it was also brown rice, and it was also my mother."

After Jake falls asleep during the time lapse, Finn is seen reading,

"...door opened, I noticed a small light in the corner, shining onto a piece of chewing gum. I can't recall the flavor, but remember in the dream thinking, "Oh, my, that is a terrible flavor of gum. Who would buy that?" But apparently someone did, because there it was, in the room, a half-empty pack of chewing gum with a light shining on it. But that's not the interesting part, of course. As I walked through the room, it turned into a hallway, a hallway filled with painted portraits of babies dressed as money. Which turned out to be quite beneficial because at the end of the hallway there was a man selling pickled eggs. Normally I don't like pickled eggs, pickled cucumbers maybe, and an ocassional [sic] pickled beet; but in this dream I was bound and determined to buy every last pickled egg this man was selling. Unfortunately, if you'll recall, I had dropped my wallet in the monkey cage and didn't have any money. I was so vexxed [sic] by this outcome that I began to pace back and forth.
Luckily, money started to pour out from the frames of the painted babies and I was able to buy all of the pickled eggs. Now, this is where the dream took quite the amusing turn; when the salesman handed me my bags, they were not filled with pickled eggs at all, but rather a rich potting soil that smelled a bit much like mushrooms. I walked out the side door into a wide open field and proceeded to dump the potting soil down the chimney of an abandoned cabin that sat isolated in the distance. And wouldn't you know it, that chimney started to grow and grow until it reached the clouds. But before I could see where it went, an insurance adjuster handed me some paperwork that stacked as high as my waist line."

When Jake wakes up, Finn reads aloud a section that he thinks is "actually not that bad,"

"So I said to the first guy, 'If everyone in my dream is me, then you are me.' And he said, 'I am who?' And I said, 'Me.' And he said, 'Who is me?' And I said, 'You.' And he said, 'What about you?' And I said, 'No, you!'"


  • There are times when the man knows that he is dreaming, which is called lucid dreaming. It is when the person can control what happens when they are aware that they are dreaming.

Cultural References[]

  • The words of the lucid dream Finn decides to read somewhat resemble the lyrics to I Am the Walrus by The Beatles, which go, "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together."

Episode Connections[]

  • Finn reads the from boring man's dream, "If everyone in my dream is me, then you are me." This is possible foreshadowing of the events of "Everything's Jake," in which Jake has woken up in a suspiciously yellow reality...does this imply that Magic Man's magic juice only affected Jake's dream reality and not his real reality?


  • The paragraph starting with "...door opened," repeats on the bottom and left page Finn reads during the time lapse.
  • The book contains grammatical and typographical errors.