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Dr. Ice Cream is a Candy Person who is one of the main medical practitioners in the Candy Kingdom and the personal doctor of Princess Bubblegum.

Her first appearance was in "The Duke." After Princess Bubblegum is turned green and mostly hairless by a magic potion, Dr. Ice Cream attempts to treat her by putting her in a milk suit. When Jake enters the room and laughs at Princess Bubblegum, she gives him an annoyed look. When the Princess becomes distraught about the whole situation, Dr. Ice Cream tries to comfort her, saying that she will return to normal in five days. She also appeared as a train passenger in the episode "Mystery Train," in which she was one of the last candy people to be "murdered." She appeared in the episode "Mortal Recoil" where she attempted to revive Princess Bubblegum after a near-death experience. She also appeared in "No One Can Hear You," where she was one of the candy people in the crowd at the beginning of the episode. Her latest appearance is now in "Hug Wolf," as one of the victims and one of the Candy People to support Jake about killing the Alpha Wolf.


Dr. Ice Cream looks like a regular soft-serve ice cream cone. Her "hair" is chocolate soft-serve ice cream (and a little appears to be dripping) and her body is a standard ice cream cone, though the bottom is longer than usual. She wears a white lab coat, and appears to have a small blue horse in her front pocket, which is a parasite that feeds off smart brain waves.

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