Dr. Donut is a Candy Person who appears in "Mystery Train" as one of the apparent murder victims aboard the train. Dr. Donut is the fourth Candy Person whom Finn accuses and was murdered immediately after his accusation. After Nurse Pound Cake, he is the second medical practitioner in Ooo without a Scientific Parasite in his front pocket; presumably because he has no pockets. He has also appeared in "Mortal Recoil" and, almost four seasons later, "The Pajama War."

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  • The skeleton that represents him in "Mystery Train" shows that the upper part of his mouth is not connected to the lower part.
  • Unlike other donut characters, his face is next to the hole instead of above it.


He doesn't look good.

—"Mystery Train"

I think it was the guy who screamed "I'm gonna kill you."

—"Mystery Train"

You... think it was me?

—"Mystery Train"

Are you kidding?

—"Mystery Train"


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