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Donald "Donny" is a grass ogre who appears in the episode "Donny," in which he moves in the Tree Fort with Finn and Jake. He originally had a destructive personality, as he was seen terrorizing House People near the beginning of the episode. Jake influenced Donny by teaching him the Empathy Song and other musical lessons and he eventually became kind and civilized. However, Finn discovers that the Obnoxygen that Donny produces when he's being a jerk is the only thing that protects the House People from being eaten by the Why-wolves; so Finn has to anger and discourage Donny's talent so he will revert into jerk Donny. He succeeds in doing this by making fun of Donny's songs. It is shown that Donny may be able to play the cello. It is also implied that Donny still likes Finn as he said, "I'll never forget you."

He makes a cameo on the ban list in "Water Park Prank," where it says he, along with Ice King, is banned for life. Donny is mentioned in the episode "The Music Hole"

He finally makes an official reappearance in the series finale "Come Along With Me," appearing in the audience of a show performed by Crabbit Familiar. His next appearance is in "Together Again." Here, he has passed into the afterlife from old age, evident from looking much older and tired.


Donny is a light green ogre, and his body is partially covered with leaves, with one prominent leaf covering his groin. For his face, only the eyes, mouth, and (sometimes) red cheeks are visible, but, in his "jerk state," his eyes bulge out. Later in the episode-after his "civilization"- he wears blue jeans held up by a very large belt.


Whenever Donny is a jerk, he emits an invisible gas called Obnoxygen. Obnoxygen is notable for being lethal to Why-wolves, natural predators of House People.

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  • After Jake teaches him not to be a jerk, his eyes are less bulged and closer together.
  • When Donny is seen with Jake, he is holding a cello.
  • Jake called Donny Donald at one point in the episode he is featured in.
  • His voice and personality are similar to that of Crusher from the Nick Jr. animated series Blaze and the Monster Machines. Both characters are played by Kevin Michael Richardson.


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