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"Don't Look" is the second episode in the eighth season of Adventure Time. It's the two hundred and twenty-seventh episode overall.[2]


Finn unearths a treasure with a terrible price at the top of Dead Mountain.


Finn and Jake are at Turtle Princess' library, researching several things. Finn puts down the book he was reading and asks Jake if he has heard about Dead Mountain. When Jake replies that he hasn't, Finn informs him that apparently on top of Dead Mountain is a great treasure that can change anything about yourself that you want. Finn asks Jake what he would want to change about himself, and Jake replies that he wouldn't change anything as he views himself as a "whole package." Jake asks Finn the same question, and Finn answers that he'd probably want to be taller, and about the same height as Princess Bubblegum. Jake teases Finn about this while he flips through the book more. Finn stops at a certain page and tells Jake that the book has a huge warning about Dead Mountain, and that the warning says that there is an Evil Hermit guarding the treasure. The warning goes on to say that if the Hermit looks at someone/you, there would be grave consequences. The danger and promise of treasure settles Finn's desire to go to the mountain, and in the excitement, the two cause enough ruckus to get shushed by Turtle Princess. As they leave the library, they are still shushed.

When the two reach Dead Mountain, they come with large mirror shields so they can avoid the Hermit's gaze. Sprinting up the mountain and reaching the top, Finn and Jake smash through the wall eager to fight the Hermit, though all they find is the remains sitting in the middle of a rat infested room. Disappointed that they did not get a chance to fight the Hermit, the two look around for the mystical object. Jake finds a snow globe placed next to the hermit, and he assumes that the souvenir is the fabled object. After the two attempt to make a wish with it, the snow globe breaks and the two become unsettled due to the object as well as the depressing atmosphere. When Jake tries to get them to leave the rat infested, junk food garbage littered place, Finn asks him to wait as he wanted the hermit's cool shades. When he takes them off, the shades reveal starry colored eyes. When the eyes attach themselves to him in a flash of light, Finn falls unconscious in the confusion.

After the light fades, Finn finds himself sleeping in bed with a worried Jake by his side. Jake excitedly tells him that he made him noodle soup for when he feels better. Finn, grateful for Jake's concern and generosity, tells him that he's the "bestest big brother ever." Immediately after, Jake turns into a taller humanoid version of himself wearing a varsity jacket. Before they can discuss what just happened, BMO comes up and asks Finn if he wants to do anything. Grateful for BMO, Finn tells the robot that they are "[his] little angel." Immediately after that, BMO turns into a humanoid with wings and a halo, and gleefully flies out of the room.

When the two eat breakfast, Jake deduces that Finn's Hermit Eyes cause him to change people into what he sees them as. When Shelby crawls out to greet Finn, he magically produces clean cut hair, glasses, and a knitted sweater. Jake's surprise at Finn's "bookish nerd" perception of Shelby causes Finn to become distressed, but he is interrupted by an emergency call from Princess Bubblegum. Before they leave, Jake gives Finn the hermit's old shades in order to stop him from transforming other people until he can control his eyes.

At the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum struggles to choose what to wear for her speech. When Finn and Jake ask her if this is what she wanted them to help her with, she says that it is not while pointing to an Ice King sitting in a tree close to where the speech is taking place. She tells the two that she doesn't want them to hurt him due to his recent good behavior, but that she does want them to watch him closely just in case. Outside, the two call out Ice King and tell him to get out of the tree. When he does, he inadvertently knocks Finn's shade off. When Finn looks at the wizard, he turns into his original form of Simon Petrikov. Ice King looks at his body, shocked, but runs off in distress due to him losing his "muscles." Finn then tries to reclaim his glasses from Starchy, but his eyes give Starchy a robber's outfit and a butt for a head. Princess Bubblegum arrives and asks what's going on before Finn looks at her, transforming her into what she calls "a teen boy heartthrob," as this is Finn's perception of her. Jake then covers Finn's eyes and takes him home to avoid causing any more damage.

Back at the treehouse, Neptr approaches and asks the two if they've seen BMO. Finn accidentally looks at him and turns him into an inanimate microwave. Finn believes that he has killed Neptr and begins judging himself, suddenly transforming into a tall, spiky red monster before running away through the treehouse wall. Jake yells that Finn is being melodramatic, but Finn keeps running, disappearing over the hill.

Some time later, Jake returns to the hermit's hut and finds Finn inside. Finn tells Jake to leave, saying that he might transform him into a microwave, as well. Jake then tells Finn that Neptr turned into a microwave because that is only one part of how Finn sees him, and that perhaps Finn's new eyes are unable to account for more complex things like what people really mean to Finn. Finn tells Jake that he's wise, turning him into a wizened old man. Jake sighs and convinces Finn to come back to the treehouse, saying that he's got a plan.

Once home, Jake gathers Princess Bubblegum, Starchy, Shelby, and Ice King (all still in their transformed states) and has them describe Finn as Finn himself looks into a mirror. Bubblegum calls him a true hero, causing Finn to momentarily transform into an armored centurion, then back into the spiky red monster form whilst donning the centurion's armour. Starchy thanks Finn for helping him fart once which causes Shelby to sarcastically call Finn a lifesaver, first transforming his head into a literal lifesaver, then his entire self into a lifeguard. Ice King calls Finn a "mean old party pooper", briefly turning Finn back into his previous spiky red monstrous form before being punched in the arm by Bubblegum, which causes him to add that he's also the hottest guy in Ooo, transforming him into a stylish model. Jake goes last, saying that Finn is a great guy to do cool stuff with and calling him a good friend. Finn finally transforms back into his original form and the magical eyes detach, restoring Finn's normal sight.

Finn then puts the magical eyes into the inanimate Neptr microwave, causing them to grow a bright green. Everyone in the room turns back to normal, even Neptr, who opens to reveal a pie with the eyes cooked into them. Finn declares that Neptr has saved the day and leads the others in chanting Neptr's name, carrying him outside. BMO suddenly falls from the sky and lands in the eye pie, saying that he has just had the most wonderful dream.


Major characters[]

Minor characters[]


  • Finn turns multiple characters into what he sees them as:
    • Jake as a big brother and then as an old man.
    • BMO as a boy angel.
    • Shelby as a nerd.
    • Ice King as Simon.
    • Starchy as a robber with a butt head.
    • Princess Bubblegum as a tomboy.
    • NEPTR as a normal microwave oven.
  • Finn also turns himself into what he see himself as to:
    • A Monster.
    • A Warrior.
    • A Monster wearing Warrior armor.
    • A Monster wearing Warrior armor with a life saver for a head.
    • A Lifeguard.
    • A Handsome Man.

Episode connections[]

  • Starchy said that Finn helped him fart once which is a reference to "Slumber Party Panic."
  • Turtle Princess has blonde hair again after dying it black in "Blank-Eyed Girl."

Cultural references[]

  • The title card is a homage to Charles Allen Gilbert's 1892 painting "All is Vanity."[3]
    2009 Vanity Gilbert Drawing 700px

    All is vanity

  • The book Finn is holding at the beginning is titled "The Legend of Dead Mountain." It is most likely a reference to the Nintendo game series The Legend of Zelda which has a mountain called Death Mountain.
    • They also carry mirror shields which is also an item used in the game.
  • When Jake drops the snow globe on Dead Mountain, it is a reference to Orson Welles' film Citizen Kane.
  • After transforming, BMO calls himself a "real boy", referencing the fairy tale Pinocchio.
  • When consoling Finn, Jake uses the word, 'grok', which means to understand something fully, from the 1961 science fiction novel, Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.
  • When Finn sees Jake as "wise," Jake appears as short, old, wrinkly, has pointy ears, and is seen carrying a cane. This is a reference to Jedi Master Yoda from Star Wars, a character known for his wisdom.
  • When the cursed eyes come out of Finn's head finally, they roll around in his hands like Baoding balls, and they also make the same chiming and clacking sounds.

Storyline analysis[]

  • Finn's monster form resembles Martin.
  • At the start of the episode, Finn says he wants to be "a couple of inches" taller, or as tall as Princess Bubblegum. When arrives at Dead Mountain, however, he wishes to be approximately 11.5 inches taller. From the episode "Dungeon Train," Jake says Finn is about 5 feet tall. While this could mean Princess Bubblegum is about 5 foot 11.5 inches (5'11.5") or about 182 cm tall, it is also possible that Finn exaggerated the height increase in the actual wish, since he initially desired to only be a couple of inches taller.
    • Starting with "The Pajama War," Finn has been noticeably closer in height to PB (implying that Finn has grown since the start of the series), which was also pointed out in "Come Along With Me." This further suggests that Finn's wish to be 11.5 inches taller was an exaggeration from his original statment.
  • The fact that Bubblegum became a boy when Finn looked at her likely indicates that he sees her as more of a friend than a love interest. Alternatively, she describes the new look as "teenage heartthrob," implying that her tomboyish appearance reflects an aspect of what Finn finds attractive in her.
  • Finn seeing Ice King as Simon suggests that Finn feels empathy for what happened to Simon. Additionally, he comments that it's "kind of hard not to" see Simon in Ice King.
  • When Jake finds Finn at the yurt, he says "I figured you'd come back here." This insinuates that the original hermit may have secluded himself for the same reason as Finn, to avoid causing further harm to others just by looking at them.


  • After seeing the warning in the book, Finn flips the page backwards instead of forwards.



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