Dogs are a species in Adventure Time.


Zombie Poodle

Marceline's Zombie Poodle

The dogs in this world for the most part have been shown to be a specific yellow- or orange-colored breed of bulldog and have many attributes akin to real dogs. They have increased senses such as sight and smell compared to humans and most have shorter life spans due to living in "dog years." In "The New Frontier" Jake says "I'll probably live another hundred years easy" suggesting that dogs with magical powers such as Jake have different life spans. Dogs have adapted to the circumstances of the world they now live in (or mutated from the Mushroom War) and have become anthropomorphic, having gained the means of speech and learned the usage of tools and weaponry.


Though they appear to live in a society akin to many of the other creatures of this world, they seem to prefer being companions with other beings. The most notable dog is Jake, Finn's companion and adoptive brother. It seems that a large majority of dogs reside in the Crystal Dimension based on the episode, "Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension", where they live together with rainicorns and crystal people.


Sometime before the series, dogs were at war for millennia with the Rainicorns for territory in the Crystal Dimension, as mentioned in the episode "Her Parents." Before the Great Mushroom War, dogs were domesticated by humans. It is possible the Rainicorn-Dog Wars in the Crystal Dimension occurred simultaneous to human history before the mushroom war (and well beyond that).


Billy's Dog

Billy's Dog

Billy's dog was a companion to Billy much like Jake is to Finn. It had unspecified magic abilities. Not much is known about it. It most likely died naturally.

Rainicorn-Dog Wars soldier

Bob Dog

A brown dog who was a part of the Rainicorn-Dog Wars. At one point during the wars, he saved Bob Rainicorn's life, leaving him and his wife forever grateful to the dogs race. Still, he's shown in handcuffs in his picture with Bob.

Cool Dog

Cool Dog

Cool Dog is a part of the game Card Wars. His abilities are unknown, other than "Cold Nose" which happens when Cool Dog taps his nose to the ground, creating a giant field of ice, covering all of the four battle fields.

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