Doctor Prince, Doctor Princess' gender-swapped version, plays a small role in "Bad Little Boy." In Ice King's story, he steals the Enchiridion from Fionna and Cake. Gunter fires its laser canon at him, but he claims that lasers cannot hurt him because he is a "really strong guy" and took his "doctor pills" that morning. He then throws a dolphin at Fionna and Cake but misses. Then he hoots like a monkey and throws what appears to be the Enchiridion to Fionna. It turns out to be a time bomb, which Fionna tosses just before it explodes in a shower of confetti. Ice King then comes out of a portal in the Enchiridion and reprimands him. Doctor Prince, ashamed, admits that Ice King is correct and sees "his side of things." He then jetpacks away with the flip of a switch on his monogrammed belt buckle.


Doctor Prince is similar to Dr. Princess in appearance. He wears a similar outfit and has her green skin but lacks her freckles. He wears an unseen jetpack, activated by a switch on his belt buckle (bearing the insignia: "Dr. P.")


  • He has a Scientific Parasite in his lab coat pocket just like Doctor Princess.
  • Doctor Prince's design was inspired by Adventure Time's production assistant, Patrick Seery.


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