Dimple Plant Monster is a plant that appears in "Henchman." Those who eat the plant's fruit while it is docile sprout dimples. The Dimple Plant undergoes a transformation into a large monster. The roots are also filled with an orange juice that, when consumed, has the same effect as the fruit on the consumer. In its monster form, removing the bud on the cute part's head causes it to wither and die. This may be the only way to completely kill a Dimple Plant Monster. It was hard for Finn to kill it because it was so cute and innocent while it was docile. It is killed when Marceline plucks the bud/flower off of the Dimple Plant's head, allowing Finn to cut his way out of the monster's stomach after being eaten.


When in normal form it appears like a small bonsai shrub of some sort. It has three bushs, two are yellow with orange flowers and one is green. On the green section it has a face with dimples and a smile, as well as eyes with beady black pupils and eyelashes. When it looks at Finn it blushs with joy. It is contained within a terracotta-looking plant pot.

In monster form its head look similar to the cute form, though with drabber coloring. The pot it is in breaks, revealing a giant series of roots with three large segments that each have a sharp-toothed mouth. It has three root feet that it uses to move and attack.


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