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Dimension Wizard was one of the competitors in "Wizard Battle."


Dimension Wizard is a triclops with a triangular mouth. He has three pink eyes; his stature is more befitting a fighter than a wizard; his upper body is significantly bigger than his legs. He has four bulky arms, two on his sides and two coming from his chest. He has green skin and wears lime-colored shorts.


He is able to open up portals which, judging by his name, may lead into another dimension. A giant Centipede, possibly summoned, emerged from one of his portals. He uses the ability to summon portals to redirect an attack from Naked Wizard.


  • In an interview at Newsarama, Jesse Moynihan said the character was originally named "Googax," after Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax, and was designed for the original version of "Crystals Have Power."[1]
  • The Dimension Wizard is possibly based off the Xorn, a Dungeons & Dragons monster.