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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the character or his daughter.

"Destiny" is the fifth episode of Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake.


Pursued by a powerful enemy, Fionna, Cake and Simon venture through a lawless world in search of a magical artifact.[1]


In a flashback in the Farmworld reality, a mother cradled her baby boy who was crying as they were riding in a carriage. Suddenly Ice Finn appears, freezes their horses and freezes the woman and her baby.

In the present, Simon, Fionna and Cake are revealed to be in Farmworld. Simon explains his plans to Fionna and Cake about becoming the Ice King again which will make himself magic and immortal again while restoring magic to their world so that they can continue to exist, plus he can fight off the Scarab. Fionna and Cake are on board, but Fionna asks how she and Cake will get back inside his head after their world becomes cool again. Simon explains that he'll perform the ritual again that brought them to Ooo by accident on purpose this time, but first they need to find another magic crown somewhere in the multiverse. Fionna yawns and points out that the multiverse means multi-crowns to nab; Cake says it'll be as easy as hunting down a mouse in a pile of mice. Simon suggests they start with the world they're currently in and Fionna is enthusiastic, but suddenly collapses and falls asleep. Cake secretly grabs Fionna's phone and plays a game.

Fionna wakes up to see Cake playing the game and Simon messing with Prismo's remote. Cake notices Fionna's up and tells her she got her something to eat - Fionna looks down to see that Cake caught a mouse and is disgusted to see her shirt stained with mouse blood. Simon suggests they head to the nearest library so Fionna is enthusiastic and begins heading that way after taking her phone back from Cake. Simon sees a suit on a scarecrow that looks like Farmworld Finn did back when he was Ice Finn so he switches clothes with the scarecrow.

As the three of them walk, flies surround Fionna's shirt so she decided to take it off because it's really starting to smell. Cake says "Any excuse to be more naked" and Fionna tells her not to make it weird. Cake says she respects it. After Simon says it looks like they're going the right way, the three of them see a nearby town and Fionna is excited to get some "road loot". After Fionna and Cake get some road loot, Simon says they look conspicuous so they should keep a low profile until they know what's what. Fionna tells Simon to relax since she's played a lot of post-apocalyptic RPGs so the more loot the better. Simon tells them to keep moving so Fionna tells them to lighten up and suggests that if the "bug guy" (Scarab) hasn't caught them by now, maybe he gave up.

Meanwhile in the Time Room, Prismo, who was captured and turned into a cube, laughs. The Scarab asks if something's funny and Prismo tells him good luck working his TV wall without his remote. Scarab drops Prismo into his hot tub, opens a section of the TV wall with a crystal and begins to track them down.

Back in Farmworld, Simon, Fionna and Cake enter the town to see everyone going about their daily lives. Fionna tells Simon that she fits right in and he's the one who looks conspicuous. Cake adds that Simon's sticking out like a sore thumb, surprising a couple citizens (with one of them resembling Chet from Ooo). The other citizen says there's been no magic there since the days of the "Snow Man". After Cake hisses at them, Simon whispers to Cake to act like a normal cat so she begrudgingly does so. Simon finally finds a library but is shocked to see a hay dite block thrown out from the inside as a citizen takes a bunch of books and throws them into the fire. Tromo from the Destiny Gang tells them they're about to get this funeral started and tells them to shut up and pay respects. Tromo then introduces Big Destiny and claims that he's the savior of the wastelands and the defector of the "Snow Man".

Big Destiny says sadness is not allowed and today they party for the death of Popcorn. Some citizens bring Popcorn's body to the fire and throw his body in as Big Destiny describes how Popcorn died doing what he loved - by riding an alligator like a horse. Fionna says that Popcorn seemed cool as they continue watching Big Destiny make his speech about how Popcorn's territory now belongs to the Destiny Gang. When someone from the Reindeer Boys tries to tell Big Destiny about how Popcorn signed a treaty on his deathbed about how his territory would go to the Reindeer Boys, Big Destiny's daughter, Little Destiny rolls down and punches him before being lifted back up to Big Destiny.

Simon stands by his earlier statement to keep a low profile but Fionna says that it's like she said - you've got to punch and push your way around to get what you want. Fionna then grabs Farmworld Starchy and demands to know what he knows about the magic crown. Fionna then tackles someone else asking the same question before Choose Bruce speaks up and claims that he has the crown they seek. Fionna goes up to him and asks how much. Choose Bruce tells Fionna to present her wares and he'll take their measure. After she pulls stuff out of her backpack, he decides her phone is nice so she gives it to him and he gives her the crown which turns out to be made from paper. After Simon says that's trash, Fionna demands her phone back but Choose Bruce says no returns, fair is fair. When he tells her she got burned and he doesn't care, he pulls out a bat with a hammer, barb wire and a knife attached to it. Cake stretches a giant fist punches him, destroying his stand and calling him a crook. Fionna compliments Cake before taking her phone back from Choose Bruce. Cake tries to stretch her arm back to normal but has trouble so Simon and Fionna help get her out of there.

Simon tells Cake she's too reckless and Cake dismisses him by saying no one saw that, but it turns out someone did see so he and a taller citizen corner that in an alley. The smaller guy threatens to eat Cake and get the "magic fist" so Fionna tries to attack the bigger citizen but it doesn't affect him. After she's knocked back, the smaller citizen threatens to cut her ear off since he claims that someone beat him to cutting her nose off, but she, Cake and Simon are saved by Jay Mertens who threatens to cut his nose off. Little Destiny jumps in and knocks the boy back, tells the other guy to know his place and tells Jay not to come back after she has a coughing fit.

The boy leads Simon, Fionna and Cake out of there and Fionna asks who he is but he shushes her and tells her "Not here". He leads them out of the city through the pipes and says that it's obvious they're new since no one there likes to talk about magic. Simon asks if he does but he says "Hard not to". Jay reveals that his dad was the one who found the crown so Simon says he has to meet Jay's dad. Jay asks where do they think they're going before taking them to his dad. Simon assumes that Jay's dad is this world's version of him but when Jay takes them to see his dad, Fionna quietly says that apocalypse Simon is rugged. Simon tells Fionna that Jay's dad is actually this world's version of Finn and he's her counterpart, surprising her.

Farmworld Finn is upset that Jay brought outsiders but Jay tells him not to be mad because they were in trouble. After he introduces Fionna, Simon and Cake, Farmworld Finn points out that she's a magic cat and he doesn't truck with magic. Jay reveals that Peanut was going to eat Cake so Farmworld Finn reminds him that he doesn't like him messing with the Destiny Gang. Farmworld Finn tells Simon, Fionna and Cake that they can stay tonight.

As they go inside, he tells his kids to set a table for three more since they have guests. He tells Bonnie to help, but she tells him she's scratching Jake, who looks old. He tells her no buts so she goes to help. Farmworld Finn tells Simon, Fionna and Cake not to dither in the doorway and to sit down. One of Farmworld Finn's kids tells him that there's a cat at the table but he says that the cat is also a guest. After Bonnie says hi to the cat, Cake says "Hey cutie", surprising Bonnie since she can talk. Jay reveals that's why the three of them got chased by the Destiny Gang. Bonnie wonders what will happen if the Destiny Gang comes to their house so Farmworld Finn says he'll slay them if he has to. Bonnie says she can't wait until she's old enough to kill some jerks. Farmworld Finn then serves up some soup.

Back at the cornfield, the Scarab enters Farmworld and sees Simon's tunic on the scarecrow. After smelling it, he definitely realizes that Fionna, Cake and Simon are in the reality. He makes his way into town and disguises himself as a human, approaching Choose Bruce and asks if he's seen a group of "strange travelers". Choose Bruce offers up information if he had something to barter so Scarab offers his unmurdered life and scares Choose Bruce into revealing that they've followed Jay Mertens west.

Back at Farmworld Finn's house, Fionna and Cake slurp down their soup and Fionna says it's got such a deep flavor. Jay says it's the soup their mom made the day she died and they've just been adding to it as it's been simmering for years. As Simon explains it's like a veritable "soup of Theseus" which confuses everybody and Jay tells him no, his mom made it. Simon goes on to explain what he means as Cake feeds Farmworld Jake her soup. Fionna asks Simon what he's talking about. Bonnie asks Cake if all cats can talk where she comes from and Cake says no but maybe they can once they put the magic crown on Simon's head, angering Farmworld Finn. Simon reveals that's why they've come is because he found out that Farmworld Finn found the crown years ago. Farmworld Finn calls Simon a fool and tells them they can sleep in the hayloft but be gone by morning.

Jay goes out to the hayloft to wake Simon up who wakes Fionna up. After Jay tells Simon about where Farmworld Finn found the crown, he decides to take them to that same crater where he found it since he was heading there anyways. Bonnie suddenly shows up and asks if she can come.

In the house, Farmworld Finn sits by the fire with Farmworld Jake and remembers the time he wore the crown and went insane as Ice Finn. His thoughts were interrupted when the Scarab in his human disguise has come to ask if he's seen any "friends" of his. Farmworld Finn says that nobody's here but him and his kids. After Scarab leaves, Farmworld Finn goes to the hayloft to tell Simon, Fionna and Cake that they have to bounce, only to find them gone. Bonnie pops out of the hay and tells him that Jay took Simon, Fionna and Cake to the crater and asked if she could come and he wouldn't let her so she threatened to tattle and he put her in the hay. Farmworld Finn tells Bonnie to get back in the house, wake her siblings up and barricade the doors. Afterwards, Farmworld Finn pulls something out of his trunk.

At the crater, Cake asks Simon what the crown smelled like so Simon says he associated it with the smell of freshly cut grass. Cake sniffs around and leads them to the crown but they're disappointed to find that it had already been destroyed by some very powerful magic. Simon suggests they try another universe and Cake goes for the remote but Simon tells her to think about this. Fionna asks what's there to think about since there's squat for them there. She looks up to see Little Destiny and Jay. Fionna and Cake went to attack until they saw that they were actually a couple. Jay reveals that she's with him and shares that he was looking for some cool stuff in the crater before being caught by Little Destiny. He found a jewel from the crown and gave it to her so she decided to let him go but threatened to gut him if she saw him again - they've been secretly together ever since. Fionna and Cake were both happy for them. Little Destiny begins coughing and Jay notices she's cold again. He reveals that he's been searching for cures but has come up with nothing. Fionna tells Simon to help her but he tells her he's an antiquarian. Jay tells Little Destiny that she should really tell her dad but she refuses since weakness is not an option.

Big Destiny suddenly arrives with the Destiny Gang and tells her that weakness is worse than coughing death. The Destiny Gang close in on them and Fionna tries to fight but is grabbed. Cake tries to stretch a punch but she barely taps his armor. Big Destiny grabs Little Destiny and kicks Jay down. It's revealed that Little Destiny has been wearing a jewel of the crown around her neck and that's what's been making her sick since it's infused with ice magic. Jay is horrified but Big Destiny claims that his and Little Destiny's love-romance was just a play to take her down. After Big Destiny throws down the jewel, Simon tells Fionna and Cake that if they get the jewel then he can use it to reprogram the remote to track magic crowns. As Cake tries to reach for it, Big Destiny gives Little Destiny a knife to kill Jay but Farmworld Finn arrives on Bartram just in time to aim his flame thrower arm at Big Destiny and orders him to let them go. Jay runs up to Little Destiny and tells her that if she really believes he'd hurt her then go ahead and do it. Farmworld Finn is surprised at Jay as Cake stretches her tail to get the jewel. The Destiny Gang cheer her on to stab Jay but she instead attacks the Destiny Gang in his defense. The Destiny Gang go to attack Jay and Little Destiny but Farmworld Finn jumps in front of them and fights them off.

Simon opens Prismo's remote after getting the jewel as Finn elbows Big Destiny in the face, shattering his glasses. Scarab suddenly arrives and reveals he picked some wild fennel before revealing his true form. Big Destiny runs and tells Farmworld Finn he's got this as the rest of the Destiny Gang flees. Farmworld Finn tells Jay to get Little Destiny out of there as he aims his cannon arm at Scarab, who tries to attack but Farmworld Finn deflects and send him flying, shooting him with the flame thrower arm. Unfortunately, Scarab survives and morphs into a four-legged spider-like form and stabs Farmworld Finn in the head. Simon puts the jewel in the remote and gets the three of them out of Farmworld but unfortunately Scarab is beamed out with them due to grabbing Simon's leg.


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  • This is the first time Fionna meets one of her counterparts.
  • When Fionna was looking for items in her backpack to trade with Choose Bruce, she places a magazine called Mle on the table, which is presumably her world's counterpart to the Ble.
    • It is implied that Prismo teleported some of Fionna's objects to be inside her "new" backpack. This is evidenced by the fact she arrived in Ooo in "Cake the Cat" without any bag or backpack but she takes her world's items from it.

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Storyline Analysis[]

  • Jay's age is not entirely clear, though he seems to be in early teens this does cleanly not fit into the 12-year time-jump assuming the same amount has past in the Farmworld and the standard timeline. The Farmworld was last in "Crossover" when Finn was 16 years old while the main series ended when Finn was 17. At most, Jay is 12 years old but he had to have been conceived when Farmworld Finn was still a teenager.
    • Choose Bruce does not appear to have aged at all much though others like Big Destiny have. Farmworld Jake is also still alive (though old) implying it hasn't been much longer than 12 years.


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