The Desert of Doom is a desert that covers much of the Bad Lands and Desert Lands in the Land of Ooo. The desert is first referred to by name in "The Other Tarts," where Finn and Jake mention how it was potentially dangerous.


The Desert of Doom seems to be fairly broad as it covers parts of the Bad Lands and Desert Lands. The desert even stretches out into the borders of the Cotton Candy Forest near the Candy Kingdom.

The area is covered with rock formations that are in many deserts in Ooo. There are also surprisingly large wrecked ships, bridges, and whale skeletons in the region, indicating that the area might have been underwater in the past. This was likely during the time before the Mushroom War as the ruins of human settlements can be found underwater in the episode "Ocean of Fear."


The desert appears to be devoid of life, aside from the occasional thieves and hobos that scavenge the area. A few are seen in "The Other Tarts" when the hobos Grimby, Taddle, JJ, and a Butterfly With Laser Gun, steal several royal tarts from Finn and Jake. The area is also inhabited by packs of blind monsters called Chuds, which can be found in desert caverns.

However, not all residents in the Desert of Doom are hostile. Several kingdoms and settlements are located within the desert, such as the Slime Kingdom, Royal Congressional Hall, and Xergiok's home.


  • The desert was seen again for the first time since season two in the season four episode "Five Short Graybles," when Finn and Jake were going to have a "super ultimate high-five." Jake uses the whale skeleton to slingshot himself with his Stretchy Powers.


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