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The following information is from the Adventure Time comic book series. It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the animated series.

Desert Princess is the princess who claims to rule the Desert Kingdom. Even though she looks like a Candy Person (Jake thought she was "Dessert Princess"), she is the Desert Princess because of what she can do with sand.

In Issue 2, Desert Princess states her earliest memory is being sucked up by the Lich's Bag of Holding while near the Candy Kingdom. It is heavily implied, through her own words, that she was created when multiple Candy People got mashed together and formed a new consciousness. Waking up in the desert, she simply assumed that she must be a princess and the desert was her kingdom. Of course, this does not explain her ability to control sand.


Her head is a large cake on its side with vanilla frosting and pink icing. She wears a crown that is made out of ice cream with a cherry on top of it. Her body is an upside-down ice-cream glass, and is small compared to her head. Her arms and legs are orange and she wears a pink cape.


Desert Princess has a kind, shy and quiet personality. She also may have a crush on Finn, as all her sand clones admitted to it, much to Desert Princess' denial and embarrassment.


Life Giving[]

She has the ability to shape sand into people (or animals) and make it into a living thing. She does this by yelling "Psammo!," which is a hommage to the Psammead, a wish-granting "Sand Fairy" in E. Nesbit's children's book Five Children and It.

Sand Construction Skills[]

She is very skilled at doing sand constructions.[]

Sand Desert princesses:

Desert princess can make sand versions of herself which can also make sand objects.


  • It's clear that her name is meant to be a play on how the words "dessert" and "desert" are said the same and are commonly mistaken for each other.
  • Psammo is the greek word for sand, referencing her powers.