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"Dentist" is the twenty-first episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and seventy-seventh episode overall.


When Finn's toothache gets too much to take, he has no choice but to visit the Ant Nation, where he encounters an old foe.


The episode starts with Finn in the bathroom complaining about severe tooth pain while Jake's inside Finn's mouth investigating a tooth that is seriously diseased and black, telling Finn to "go dentist". Finn refuses and runs off crashing through the bottom covering of the treehouse. Jake manages to convince Finn to go dentist.

After that, Finn is next seen being put in a well with snakes and butter, which transport him into the Ant Nation. He is appointed by Lieutenant Gamergate to go to the general's office. In the office, General Tarsal makes Finn a soldier and assigns him a partner - Tiffany Oiler.

Finn goes to have a meal, where he meets with Tiffany.

The next day, Tiffany and Finn start their hunt to search for giant worms, while they have their conversation, Tiffany runs to an area where he gets a suspicious feeling.

Suddenly, many giant worms dig out of holes. Finn convinces Tiffany to work together and they both kill many of them.

Out of nowhere, the Queen Worm breaks through the ground below them, causing Finn to fall. He quickly grabs onto a ledge. Below him, the Queen Worm opens its mouth right under him. He asks Tiffany for help, which he refuses to do.

Finn slips and falls into the Queen Worm's mouth, but he bounces back as it chokes on him and coughs him back out. He is blown into the air, hitting his head on a sharp rock, which causes his teeth to shatter. Finn accidentally falls on Tiffany, causing him to fall into the Queen Worm's mouth.

Finn wakes up in a bed where he is treated by many ants. His teeth have been fully replaced and General Tarsal tells him that the Queen Worm died, presumably by choking on Tiffany who is missing in action.

Finn is then transported back to the Grass Lands with the snakes and the butter, where he is welcomed back by the residents. However, Finn has to remain silent due to the appearance of a fly spy, which is another enemy of the ants.


Major characters[]

Minor characters[]



  • The voice of television's Andy Daly is featured at multiple points throughout the episode (including the first talking ant and the voice on the ant intercom.)
  • The Finn Sword is used for the first time and is shown to have the past Finn trapped inside of it and talking to Finn.
  • The Ant Nation makes its first official appearance.

Episode connections[]

  • Tiffany brings up Jake's criminal past once more and admits that if Finn never came into Jake's life, Jake would have become a powerful mob boss.
  • Tiffany's teeth had nearly rotted away due to the Baker's Shard heist in "One Last Job."
  • Finn refers to himself as his full name, "Finn Mertens," for the first time, not counting his alternate universe self in "Finn the Human."

Cultural references[]

  • One of the ant's names is Gamergate, a type of ant.
  • On the wall of General Tarsal's office is the phrase "sic-semper-ants", a play on the phrase "sic-semper-tyrannis", which is Latin for "thus always to tyrants", so the phrase "sic-semper-ants" should mean "thus always to ants".
    • "sic-semper-tyrannis" was believed by some to have been said by Marcus Junius Brutus when he assassinated Julius Caesar, although it is doubtful whether he did say it.
    • John Wilkes Booth shouted out this phrase when he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln (in real life history).
    • "sic-semper-tyrannis" is nowadays used as a rallying call against an abuse of power, and is the official motto of the U.S. state of Virginia.

Storyline analysis[]

  • This episode reveals that Finn's last name is Mertens. In "Finn the Human" Farmworld Finn revealed that his last name is Mertens however, it was unknown if the standard timeline Finn knew about his birth last name (if that was it). In future episode Finn starts to refer to himself as "Finn Mertens" more often rather than just "Finn the Human".

Production notes[]

  • This is the fourth and last episode of the 2014 Adventure Time Corn-Ooo-Copia event.
  • This is the fourth and last episode that aired during the first ever "AdventureBomb."
  • This is the first episode to premiere on a Friday.
    • As of this episode, an episode has premiered on every night of the week (not including weekends). "Slumber Party Panic" is the first to premiere on a Monday, "Ghost Fly" is the first episode to premiere on a Tuesday, "Thank You" is the first episode to get to premiere on a Wednesday, and "Breezy" is the first episode to premiere on a Thursday.
    • If including weekends than "The Hall of Egress" is the first to premiere on a Saturday and "The Wild Hunt" was the first episode to premiere on a Sunday.


  • At some points, Tiffany has a full set of teeth.



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