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Greetings, Frank the human boy.


I have approximate knowledge of many things. For instance, I know that I am possibly going to slay you, and munch on your eyeballs.

You're trespassing on my dungeon, man-ling, and I am the thing [extends claws] you should be afraid of.

I'm going to unzip your skin and wear you like a little coat.

Now you DIE!

Wait a second...[sniffs twice] is that dog smell?! You...You have a dog with you? I'm outta here!

Heeey, my dinner is back and your dog isn't with you. That's what you said, right? Jack the dog is not 'accompanying' you?

Jake, Jack, whatever. He's not here. Which means I'm going to rip your heart out.

You can't hide from me, Jim! I know almost everything, remember? I know exactly where you might be, Jim. I'm about to pounce on you... One... two... THREE—Aww, man, thought you'd be behind this rock.

[sniffs twice] Alright, I know where you are now! And I'm about to pounce again! One... two... three! Oh, man. Well, there's only a few more places to look.

I know where you're hiding, Jim.


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