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Deities and Cosmic Entities are recurring characters on Adventure Time. They are the most powerful beings in Ooo and vast majority of them being immortal. Their alignment is not specific, and many are neutral.

Known Deities and/or Cosmic Entities[]

The following list of high-level beings uses images and official names.

Image Name Physical Location Function Info

GOLB/GOLBetty A dimension between the physical and metaphysical realms Embodiment of Chaos and Disorder GOLB attacked Mars at Olympus Mons, because that is where Magic Man planned to install the defense system meant to protect Mars from him.

GOLB's appearance was altered in "Come Along With Me" when Betty merged with him to become a singular entity.

Grob Gob Glob Grod-0
Grob Gob Glob Grod Mars (formerly)

Orbits Earth

Defended the Solar System before falling into Earth's orbit. Ruled Mars with Abraham Lincoln and their brother. They lost their body and became floating heads after stopping the supposed Catalyst Comet.
Owl trans-0
Cosmic Owl Everyone's subconscious Informs the sleeper that they are in a Premonition dream. Good friends with Prismo.
Martin Mertens Milky Way galaxy Unknown He is Finn's biological father, who was formerly a human. He became a cosmic entity in "The Comet" when a Catalyst Comet offered him a new form of existence.
Catalyst Comets Milky Way galaxy Change A type of comet that hits the Earth once every 1000 years, bringing an agent of change each time.

See also: Purple Comet

Party god-0
Party God Anywhere a party occurs Partying He dated Island Lady for a short time, but she "broke up" with him.
Prismo Time Room Wish Master Prismo is a Wish Master who is the manifestation of an old man's dream.
Death Dead World, Land of the Dead A keeper of souls and overseer of the mortality of many living creatures. Friends with Peppermint Butler.
Life Life's Realm An entity that can control the seasons, and has power over life and nature. She is in a romantic relationship with Death.
Prismo's Boss Unknown An unseen entity that is in charge of Prismo, Orbo, Scarab, and other Cosmic Entities. The only other entity known to have power over Prismo is GOLB, so his power must at least rival GOLB's, more or less.
Clock Titans The Time Core Embodiment of time, responsible to create the passage of time. Send the time waves throughout the multiverse.
Scarab Cutout
Scarab Seemingly none God auditor. Monitors the work of other cosmic entities and looks for possible violations.
Orbo Unnamed Realm Is in charge of Scarab and other Cosmic Entities. He makes sure Scarab doesn't make his own missions while ignoring his other missions, among other things.
(Comics) Chronologius Rex Vanishing Point, (Fourth Dimension), (Center of Time) Embodiment of Time, ability to alter time, see all past and future. He punishes people who break oaths made to time, by removing them from time.


  • In The Adventure Time Encyclopædia, Hunson Abadeer said that even he does not remember his own origins, as he has existed before time and before everything when there were only monsters like Orgalorg and the Lich, indicating that he might be a Deity, though it hasn't been confirmed in the show whether or not this is true.
  • Abraham Lincoln, who is the King of Mars, is a temporary member of the cosmic entities.
  • The belief in Jesus Christ and other real-life religions was possibly a thing before the Mushroom War in the Adventure Time Universe considering the fact that he was mentioned in the show Fionna and Cake in the human version of Fionna-world which was based upon Simon's psyche (who was born before the war) and there are churches and some minor christian objects/decoration in both original series and Fionna and Cake in pre-war flashbacks and antique items. Being an antiquarian, Simon's vintage house in Fionna and Cake also has some decorative paintings with real life (at least in terms of belief) mythological beings suggesting the world before the war was very similar to the real world, including some beliefs and the human culture.