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Deer are a species of animal found in the real world, often in forests. The first appearance of a deer in Adventure Time was Stag, a Deer that kidnapped all of the Candy people.

Notable Deer

Other Known Deer

Image Name Basic Description
Shoulder Deer The Shoulder Deer appeared on the shoulder of the Iceclops in the episode, "Animated Short."
Deer Threat The Deer Threat appeared in the episode, "Simon & Marcy." Simon put the crown on, turning him into Ice King because the deer made a noise, which was though to be a monster. Once he put the crown on, he froze the deer and almost killed it, but Young Marceline stopped him before he did.
Mountain Deer The Mountain Deer was seen on a mountain in the episode, "The Hall of Egress."
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Forest Deer The Forest Deer is one of the many Forest creatures seen in the episode, "Storytelling."

Episode Appearances


All of the Deer in the series look like they do in real life, other then Stag, whom has human-shaped hands instead of hooves.


  • This is the first regular animal to appear in the series.