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Dead Goat Gulch is an old western town that was created by Neptr for BMO so that he could use it to play his sheriff game. It was introduced in the episode, "Angel Face." When BMO arrived, he was confronted by Risco and the Sock Bandits. In the process of dealing with them, BMO destroyed the entire town.


It appears to be an old western town in the middle of nowhere. It is about the size of BMO. All of the buildings are made out of small, easy to break, pieces of wood. One building is labeled "The Store" with underwear over the sign. Another store is labeled "Pie Hole." Another building that is supposed to have a bell on top of it had a sign that is labeled: "Bell." All doors and windows are drawn on.


  • The store labeled, "Pie Hole," may be in reference to the face that Neptr is a pie-throwing robot.
  • It was revealed that Neptr spent three months building the town.