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"Davey" is the seventh episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and eleventh episode overall.


Finn decides to make an alter-ego to hide himself from his fans.


The episode starts with a group of Candy People laying around. Suddenly, a dragon arrives and devours all of them. Finn enters the scene with his demon sword as Jake catapults him towards it. As Finn gets closer, the dragon whips him with his tail. Unaffected with this attack, he comes back and slices him in half, revealing all the previously eaten candy people. The dragon falls and the candy people run away happily as they exit the dragon. A group of Candy People begin to obsess over Finn, bothering him excessively and idolizing him for saving them from the dragon. Clearly bothered by the excess attention, he recalls an idea from BMO, and decides to disguise himself for a while, just to escape the suffocation of being a hero. He shaves a portion of his hair and paints the rest of it black with molasses, using some of this hair to pose a mustache. Finn changes his voice and titles himself "Davey," to the successful deception of his fans and even Jake. He continues to makes a tour of the Candy Kingdom, seeing how everyone would react to him without knowing who he really is, and enjoys it.

The next day, Jake wakes up and sees him building a log cabin with Randy, one of the many Candy People who is a fan of Finn. Jake asks Finn why he is building another home, but Finn says he is Davey, leading Jake to realize that Finn has brainwashed himself. Jake dresses like a thief and attempts to rob Randy, hoping that Finn will remember his role as a hero and retaliate. Finn instead calls the police and gets Jake arrested. In a last effort he shouts to Finn about the dragon he had defeated the previous day, finally making him remember who he really is. He then has an internal conflict (speaking with his own mustache) about whether he should go back to be the hero Finn or the simpleton Davey, who he liked to be for a while. In the end, he decides to be Davey one final time to save Jake.

Finn arrives at the prison and tricks the two Banana Guards to letting him in and getting the cell keys. He breaks Jake out of prison, putting Jake's thief costume on a jelly horse and Davey's mustache on the horse's butt, and says goodbye to the mustache (with the mustache responding somehow). This horse and "goodbye" diverts the attention of the guards, who then chase the horse. The guards do not recognize Finn as Davey, and continue chasing the horse. The episode ends with Jake saying it was good to have Finn back, dropping a fart in Finn's shirt pocket.


Major characters[]

  • Finn (Davey Johnson)

Minor characters[]



  • In the title card and the episode proper, one candy person is wearing a small replica of Finn's hat.
  • One of the Banana Guards tell Jake that they actually feed their prisoners in the Candy Prison.
  • Along with his hair, Finn also shaves his eyebrows in this episode.
  • It is revealed that BMO is fond of Finn's blonde hair, as BMO was crying over it when Finn was shaving it. BMO also refers to it as Finn's "beauty." Afterwards when he completes his disguise, BMO says Finn looks "Like the Devil."
  • This is the first episode where Lollipop Girl is heard to speak on her own, as opposed to in "Five Short Graybles," where she sings in a group.
  • This is the final episode to have Skyler Page to write an episode of the show before he went off to create Clarence in 2014.
  • The Candy Prison has "Pris-on" written on the back of it.
  • When Finn sticks his mustache on the candy horse's butt and says "Goodbye, Davey," it is revealed that it can actually talk to him. As such, the closed captions list Davey and Finn as two different people.
  • It seems like there are only two Banana Guards guarding the entire prison.
  • In place of the clock that is always hung on Jake's bed door there is a necklace with a golden J encrusted with diamonds and a tie next to it.
  • In a presentation by Cole Sanchez, he mentions that the idea of the ice cream candy person was from when Pendleton Ward was signing autographs at Comic-Con.[citation needed]
  • When Davey walks up to the dead-end in the bad part of the Candy Kingdom, one can see ".- - 4EVER" carved into the wall of a building on the far left, which means "AT 4EVER" in Morse Code. In addition, another note is carved into the same wall that says, ".-.-", meaning "?" in Morse Code.

Episode connections[]

  • Finn puts his hat back on the same way as seen in "To Cut a Woman's Hair."
    • Also, Finn cuts his hair for the first time in the episode, once again leaving him bald. However, this time he leaves a small amount on the sides of his head.
  • Finn uses the tiny computer he swallowed to change his voice to Davey's; he usually uses this computer to sing auto-tune since introduced in "The Jiggler."
  • Finn has a pocket on his shirt, similar to "It Came from the Nightosphere."
    • On another note, the ending is very similar to the same episode, with Jake letting out a fart in the last second, with the same sound effect.
  • The game Randy is playing at the beginning is Pro Football 1861, the same game played by Finn and Jake in the episode "Business Time."
  • Davey goes to the Candy Tavern, the place where Finn, Jake, and Tree Trunks went looking for Tree Trunks's "stolen" apples in "Apple Thief."
  • When Jake is in Finn's pocket, it has quite a resemblance to Burning Low near the end.

Cultural references[]

Storyline analysis[]

  • Finn's desire of wanting to be normal and simple may stem from the way he felt in "Paper Pete." He could not just quietly sit there in the library with Jake and had to go in search of some adventure causing Jake to think he was making things up to satisfy his need for adventures. The way people started practically harassing him in this episode forced him to confront this issue by creating Davey.


  • After Davey breaks the glass against the wall, the chair he was sitting on moves.
  • Lollipop Girl (voiced by Niki Yang) is supposedly French, but when she says, "Go away, weirdo," to Davey, she sounds more like BMO (also voiced by Niki Yang).
  • Jake is sleeping in the opposite position Finn does; he usually sleeps in the same position as Finn.
  • When Finn shaves his hair he shaved a line through the middle of it and the middle of the back of Davey's head he still has hair there.
  • In the episode's opening credits, Jesse Moynihan is credited for writing the episode along with Skyler Page. However, according to both Pendleton Ward and the original storyboard file, this episode was written by Page and Somvilay Xayaphone.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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