The Daughter of Peace Master is one of Peace Master's children. She was turned into a Fairy monster after Peace Master refused to comply with the wishes of Peppermint Butler.


In her normal form, she looks identical to Peace Master. She is wearing blue clothing, with gray pants, and black shoes. He hair appears to be shaved on half of her head. In her monster form, she grows pink fairy wings, a forked tail, and a horn on the top of her head.


In the episode, she was revealed to be into the dark arts, asking her father if she could attend the dark arts convention. She also seemed to be more joyed then disgusted when Peace Master's Baby threw up all over Peace Master. She is also seen to enjoy being turned into a monster, and when was revealed to have been kidnapped by Peppermint Butler, she was smiling instead of being filled with fear.


  • it is assumed that she remained a monster forever.
  • Throughout the entire episode, she can be seen holding a red, unmarked book.


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